Aromaterapia: relaja el cuerpo y la mente

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Reed Diffuser Cinnamon-Orange 1000ml - Room diffuser
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Reed Diffuser - Air Freshner Home Cinnamon-Orange The reed diffuser Cinnamon-orange will provide a relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant sweet aroma. *Its format is 1 liter. If you love this scent, you can also find it in these products: Car air fresheners. Sprayable air freshener. Essence. Remember that you can buy our boxes of bottles for reed...
Reed Diffuser Ritual Inspiration 1000 ml-Air freshener-Perfume Factory
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051. Reed Diffuser Inspiration Ritual - 1000ml

Vismar Essence
Inspiration ritual reed diffuser inspired by body well-being according to ancient relaxation rituals. Create a homelike atmosphere in your home where relaxation and happiness are part of any moment. *Its format is 1 liter. If in addition to this scent, you would like to know our wide variety, I encourage you to visit our range of Mikado Air Fresheners....
Cinnamon-Orange essence for...
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Essences for Fragrance Lamps

Cinnamon-Orange essence for fragrance lamps

Cinnamon-Orange  essence for fragrance lamps Use them with our  fragrance lamps It is an air freshener with two functions: to perfume and to clean the environment. Fragrance lamps eliminate almost all bacteria, mold, dust particles and even tobacco smoke from a room Perfume Manufacturer - Vismaressence

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