We offer you an exclusive selection of high quality bottles and scents so that you can start your project from scratch. Our team will provide you with the advice you need to customise your perfume line, ensuring that every detail reflects your brand identity.

We are committed to providing you with the resources and support you need to develop a unique and recognisable brand. From fragrance selection to packaging design, we'll be with you every step of the way, guaranteeing products that captivate your customers.

The dream of owning your own perfume brand is within your reach. Take advantage of our experience and diverse catalogue to launch products that stand out in the market. Together, we can create a perfume line that not only speaks of quality, but tells your story and your brand's story.

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screen printed bottle


Customise your perfume bottles with our unique screen printing option. This technique allows you to print your logo or design directly onto the glass, providing a distinctive and professional touch to your brand. Ideal for companies looking to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, our high quality screen printing ensures long-lasting and aesthetically appealing finishes.

We can help you fine-tune your design and choose the most suitable inks for your product material.

Our customised process offers you flexibility in design, allowing you to express your brand identity in an elegant and visible way. This option not only enriches the aesthetics of your products, but also strengthens your brand recognition among consumers.


Enhance your brand identity with our customised labelling service. We offer complete label design and printing solutions for your perfume bottles, ensuring that each product reflects the essence and values of your business. Our precise, high-quality labelling process guarantees a flawless, professional presentation of your perfumes.

Labelling is a crucial step in differentiating your products in the marketplace. We understand the importance of an attractive design that is consistent with your brand image. That's why we accompany you at every stage of the process, from design conception, choice of size, material and finish.

Let us help you make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression.

personalised labels
personalised colour palette


We take the concept of personalisation one step further with our unique bespoke packaging service. We understand that your product packaging is as important as the product itself, so we offer packaging solutions that not only protect, but also enhance the presentation of your perfumes. Our design team works with you to create packaging that captures the essence of your brand and appeals to your target audience.

We advise and help you choose the material, colour and finish that best suits your idea and your product.

Take advantage of our made-to-measure packaging service to differentiate your products in the market. We combine creativity, quality and functionality to offer you solutions that not only contain, but also tell a story, yours.


We design your scent strips with the material that best suits your idea and print your company logo on them.

Scent strips are the essential tool for any perfumery professional, offering a purer and more accurate experience of fragrances allowing a detailed evaluation and full enjoyment of each note and chord. Made from the highest quality materials, these strips faithfully capture the essence of the perfumes, providing an ideal neutral base for olfactory exploration.

Scent strips are indispensable for the creation, evaluation and presentation of perfumes. They are such a subtle, yet powerful tool in the art of perfumery. That's why we offer scent strips that not only respect the integrity of your creations, but also enrich the discovery experience for your customers.

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