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Before when it comes to perfumes there was little differentiation, the aromas of almost all people were the same, with the same floral notes or the same sweet perfume. Currently, more and more people are looking for what is different, personalization or individualization, this has made perfumery translate into the creation of unique perfumes, signature cosmetics. They may not be the best but they are the most special for those who wear them.

Although the smell of cleanliness is always something that everyone will like, signature or niche perfumery is always present. Now it is not only about finding the perfect perfume for you, but about finding it exclusively, being different from what we all know globally.

Signature cosmetics, specifically niche perfumes, is a business model that emerged in France and Italy, countries for which perfume has been of utmost importance. The idea of these niche perfumes is to recover the lost values after the expansion of the traditional luxury perfumery associated with the big brands. Today, people look for the exclusive, the authentic and the original.

This sector of the market, that of signature cosmetics and specifically niche perfumes, occupies a small gap in the market. Little is invested in advertising and marketing because it is a product that sells itself. The stores of this type of perfumes are usually different, small and carefully chosen places. Whoever chooses this type of perfume does so by choosing something unique and special for that person.

Signature cosmetics is aimed at those who seek to have a personal brand, find their stamp that differentiates them from the rest. Discovering this niche perfumes, leads you to discover a new range of records and smells that have nothing to do with what we already know. When you find your niche perfume it defines you, it takes you to lived experiences and that take you to your best memories. This type of perfume does not understand genres, only stories.

You can discover some of these perfumes on the VismarEssence page, where you can find a wide range, here we highlight some of our favorites:

  • Vismaressence 196 Bulk Perfume is a unisex perfume from the Oriental Spicy olfactory family, a very pleasant scent that will make you feel different.
  • Vismaressence 1002 bulk perfume is a perfume from the Oriental Floral olfactory family, its unique fragrance is very pleasant.
  • Vismaressence 1007 bulk perfume is a unisex perfume from the Oriental Floral olfactory family, a perfume that will make you feel exclusive.
  • Vismaressence 1008 Perfume in bulk is a perfume for women of the Chypre Fruity olfactory family, you will feel with a personalized aroma ideal for you.
  • Vismaressence 1034 bulk perfume is a unisex perfume from the Oriental Woody olfactory family, it is a very pleasant and personal perfume.
  • Vismaressence 1037 bulk perfume is a unisex perfume from the Citrus Aromatic olfactory family, a fresh and pleasant perfume.

If you want to feel unique, do not hesitate to get one of these exclusive perfumes with very pleasant aromas.

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