Niche perfumes: personalization and individualization in fragrances

Today people seek to be different from the rest, to characterize ourselves in some way in a unique and personal way. In this case, niche perfumes can help you achieve this. And you may wonder, what is a niche perfume? Niche perfumes are exclusive and one-of-a-kind fragrances, they are sometimes personalized, and created in small quantities, unlike commercial perfumes.

There was a time when smells were always the same, sweet smells with the same floral notes. People used to smell the same thing. But now they are looking for the different, so the niche perfume sector is booming. They may not be the best perfumes but they are the most special for those who wear them. It is not only about finding your perfect perfume but also about finding it and also making it exclusive.

Niche perfumes occupy a small space in the market, they require little advertising and marketing investment. These products must be sold alone. The places where they are sold are exclusive. Whoever buys a niche perfume meets the expectations of having a unique fragrance, totally unrelated to trends.

What differentiates niche perfumes from commercial perfumes?

Commercials are created with the intention of pleasing as many people as possible in order to sell as much as possible. However, niche perfumes are made for people who are looking for something very specific, adapted to their tastes.

On many occasions, we enter a place and perceive a scent that automatically reminds us of someone. This occurs with the most commercial perfumes, which are available to everyone and are more affordable. They are more common and therefore it is easy to coincide with other people who use the same fragrance. In the case of niche perfumes, on the contrary, it is quite difficult to coincide with another person who wears the same. Here are some of the characteristics that they must have to be considered a niche perfume:

  • The brands that sell these products hardly invest in advertising and their production is very limited.
  • The exclusive is paid, so a niche perfume can cost up to twice as much as a conventional one, although there are also exceptions.
  • The positioning to be achieved of these niche perfumes is creativity, exclusivity and uniqueness.
  • The distribution is exclusive or selective.
  • The points of sale must also offer something different, so distribution is also part of the production process, being present in exclusive and expert stores.
  • The marketing strategy is the end product.
  • Their prices do not include discounts or promotions because they are not subject to seasonality.
  • Its ingredients are of very high quality and a lot of experimentation is required in its development.
  • Taking care of the details is essential.

At VismarEssence you can find a wide variety of these types of products, being able to choose among those that best suit your tastes and expectations. Here are some of our favorites:

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