Know the benefits of using air fresheners for home and office

The human being is able to remember 35% of the smells that he perceives compared to 5% of the things he sees. This is a curious fact, right? More and more importance is given to the sense of smell, a sense that is capable of transferring us to a moment or a place in a matter of seconds. This is where the olfactory pyramid comes into play, which deals with the structure of the notes that make up a perfume. Any air freshener or perfume goes through different phases throughout the day, depending on the note in question. For this reason, it is important to choose an air freshener that contains the aroma that you like the most, since its fragrance lasts up to 24 hours according to its base notes.

Normally, people consider that using an air freshener that gives the home personality is important. We are also concerned that our home smells good, so we usually use air fresheners for the home, and for the office. In our day to day we are capable of perceiving many unpleasant odors, such as garbage, tobacco or in some establishments. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best air freshener for your home that can eliminate all those odors that we dislike so much.

Benefits of using home air fresheners

Today we can all enjoy home air fresheners in different formats and aromas, achieving numerous benefits related to olfactory stimulation. That is why the use of air fresheners for our home can provide a series of benefits that you cannot miss:

  • Thanks to some packaging formats, they can become a decorative element of your home, original and elegant.They manage to transport us to positive spaces and feelings.
  • They manage to eliminate overloaded environments.
  • They last for a long time, so you can keep a fragrance in your home for a long time.
  • You can place them anywhere in the home.
  • Air fresheners can increase your productivity.

Other positive results of using home air fresheners

In addition to improving the smell of our house, home air fresheners also help us achieve a relaxed atmosphere, which has positively benefits our mood. The soft floral aromas favor rest, the more powerful aromas are ideal for use in spaces where great activity is to be carried out. On the other hand, we find fruit and citrus air fresheners, ideal for spaces where you need to improve your mood. Even so, smells are something very personal, so it is important that we think about which space we are going to allocate each air freshener.

At VismarEssence we offer a wide variety of home and office air fresheners. Choose among the ones that best suit your tastes and needs, for this, observe the different scent notes that each one contains. We recommend the VismarEssence 200 sprayable air freshener

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