Know the benefits of using air fresheners for home and office

Human beings have the capacity to remember 35% of the smells they perceive, compared to 5% of the things they see. This curious fact highlights the importance of the sense of smell, which is capable of transporting us to moments and places in seconds. The olfactory pyramid, which defines the structure of the notes in perfumes, plays a crucial role. Air fresheners and perfumes go through different phases throughout the day, marked by the different notes. Thus, choosing a scent diffuser with the right scent becomes essential, as its fragrance can last up to 24 hours depending on its base notes.

The Importance of Home and Office Air Fresheners

Choosing an air freshener that adds personality to the home is a common consideration. We are concerned that our surroundings smell good, which leads us to use air fresheners both at home and in the office. In our daily lives, we are confronted with unpleasant smells, such as litter or tobacco. Therefore, selecting the best air freshener to eliminate these odours becomes essential.

Benefits of Home and Office Air Fresheners

The use of air fresheners offers several benefits, stimulating our senses and improving our well-being:

  • Decorative Element: Some air freshener containers can become original and elegant decorative elements for the home.
  • Transport to Positive Sensations: Air fresheners transport us to positive spaces and sensations, improving our mood.
  • Elimination of Overloaded Environments: They help to eliminate overloaded environments, providing fresh and pleasant air.
  • Prolonged Duration: Their prolonged duration maintains a pleasant fragrance in the home for a long time.
  • Versatility in Location: They can be placed anywhere in the home or office as needed.

Aromatherapy for Well-being at home and in the office

Aroratherapy, through the use of air fresheners and aroma diffusers, finds its place in both the home and the office. Its benefits range from relaxation to mood enhancement and stress reduction. By incorporating carefully selected essential oils into air fresheners, aromatherapy becomes an effective tool for creating balanced and pleasant environments.

Aroma Diffusers for Wellbeing and Mood

In addition to improving the smell of the home and office, aroma diffusers contribute to a relaxed atmosphere, positively benefiting our mood. Mild floral scents promote relaxation, while intense scents are ideal for busy spaces. Fruity and citrus air fresheners, on the other hand, improve mood. However, the choice of scent is a personal one, so it is crucial to think about the space for each type of air freshener.At VismarEssence, we offer a wide range of air fresheners for home and office. Choose those that best suit your tastes and needs, observing the different olfactory notes that each one contains. We especially recommend our VismarEssence 200 spray air freshener to transform your space with a unique and long-lasting fragrance. Discover it today!

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