What is the olfactory pyramid and how to use it?

Discover the fascinating world of fragrances and their intrinsic connection to our emotions through the olfactory pyramid. This concept, also known as the "olfactory brain", is the key to understanding how fragrances evoke inexplicable feelings.


The olfactory pyramid is the structure that defines the different notes that make up a perfume, guiding us through their evolution on our skin. This process reveals that a fragrance does not remain static, but transforms throughout the day, revealing nuances and unique characteristics at each stage.

A perfume goes through different phases from its application:


  • Exit or top notes

When spraying a perfume, the "top notes" are the first to captivate us. Light and fresh, they are the first encounter with the fragrance, generating an initial impression that conveys joy and freshness. These notes become perceptible in the first 15 minutes and persist on the skin after 6 hours.

  • Heart or body notes

Over time, the "top notes" evolve, giving way to the "heart notes". Manifesting themselves approximately two hours after application, these notes define the overall character of the perfume. They are the most identifying and revealing, marking the distinctive essence that makes each fragrance unique.

  • Base notes

In the final phase, we come to the "base notes", a crucial stage that helps to anchor the scent without being cloying. Even if the predominant notes have disappeared, they persist, providing a lasting base that lasts throughout the day. These notes start to become perceptible within the first 15 minutes and persist on the skin for up to 6 hours.


Perfumers build their creations based on the story they want to tell and following the guidelines of the olfactory pyramid. When choosing your perfume, apply it to your skin, smell it after the first 15 minutes and discover the heart notes and olfactory family that best suit your personality.

This pyramid structure is the key to appreciating the richness of each fragrance, unravelling its layers and complexities. Immerse yourself in this olfactory journey and discover the complete VismarEssence perfume catalogue, where each scent becomes a unique and personalised experience.

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