In all businesses, the touch of differentiation is an essential point when it comes to achieving the best positioning in the mind of the consumer. Offering your customers a unique and exclusive product offer is essential. Therefore, from VismarEssence we want to help you with this. Our reed diffuser air freshener bottles will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your offer. In addition, you can also get the cases for the mikado glass jars.

  • Not only this, you can find a wide range of reed diffuser air fresheners for the home, as well as spray air fresheners, which can be applied in the rooms of the home and are also suitable as textile air fresheners.

    The reed diffuser air freshener bottles from our company VismarEssence are made of glass, and you can find them in different capacities. You can choose those that best suit what you want to offer. We have different formats of glass jars, round, square, jar type, and tinted so that the content is not visible. Not only of this type, there is a line of exclusive mikado jars with embedded stones that can be your star offer.

    When making mikados, choosing the right jar is essential for it to work perfectly. The requirements? They must have a good base to give stability and they must end in a narrow mouth so that the rattan rods are supported without problems. At VismarEssence you will be able to verify that our bottles for mikado air fresheners meet all the requirements.

    In our online store you can buy wholesale and wholesale jars for mikados. Some of them are sold by single units or in packs. In addition, you will see that most have a quantity discount. You will find all this information in more detail in the product sheet.

Advantages of using mikado air fresheners for the home

When offering a certain product, the consumer must see and know the advantages that the purchase and use of that product can have. For this reason, we want to tell you about some of the advantages that the use of mikado air fresheners can have for the consumers of your business:

  • They decorate the home in an original and elegant way, with our tinted mikado jars, you can give that sophisticated touch to the home. There is an ever-widening range of home air fresheners with more original, elegant or nature-inspired designs. This helps them adapt to the rooms of the home giving it a personal touch.
  • They help to achieve unique aromas and sensations, achieving an intensity that spreads throughout the room in a pleasant way. It brings well-being to the spaces favoring the relationship and improvement. This variety allows us to personalize each room with a different aroma, giving each space a different personality.
  • Mikado air fresheners have a long life that can last between 4 and 6 weeks depending on the home. If we turn the rods regularly, they achieve an intense aroma that lasts longer in the spaces.
  • Mikado air freshener bottles can be placed in any room of the home, as they fit in with all decorative styles.

It is important that we take care of the quality of the air fresheners and aromas that we acquire since it is the substance that we are continuously breathing. Once we know all the benefits of using air fresheners for the home, it is time to study all the possibilities offered by the market, looking for the aromas without forgetting the design that best suits our home. Always taking into account our tastes and our personality to enjoy all its advantages.

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