Reed Diffuser Bottle Exclusiv - Robla
Reed Diffuser Bottle Exclusiv - Robla
Reed Diffuser Bottle Exclusiv - Robla
Reed Diffuser Bottle Exclusiv - Robla

Reed Diffuser Bottle Exclusiv - Robla

Empty reed diffuser bottle with sticks and cap included.

Our reed diffuser bottles are perfect as a home air freshener, as well as an ideal decoration complement.  

Refillable reed diffuser bottles from Vismaressence are the best way to preserve mikado air freshener and give your home a modern and sophisticated touch with their original and unique design.

You can fill them with our air fresheners in bulk.

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Reed Diffuser Bottle Exclusiv - Robla

These empty reed diffuser include 6 rattan sticks to diffuse the aroma and the cap to close the bottle. The bottle is made of glass, which is an ideal material to keep the perfume in optimal conditions.

Questions about bottles of fresheners

In this video we explain how to fill our mikado air freshener jars.
Also, you can get extra black and wood colored rods for your empty mikado jars.

How often do I turn the rods?

Normally once a week is enough, but if you want to increase the fragrance at some specific time you can turn it as many times as you want to intensify the aroma.
If you do not use the air freshener, put the shutter on it so that the aroma lasts as long as possible.

With what type of air freshener can I fill these bottles?

To make the setting work it must be filled with air fresheners of the reed diffuser type, since its composition is made especially for its evaporation through the rattan sticks.

When should I change the rat sticks?

You can use the rat sticks for several months when they have picked the color of the reed diffuser , it is convenient to turn them over. 

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Bright pink
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