Retro Spray Perfumer

Retro Spray Perfumer

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Empty perfume bottles

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Retro Spray Perfumer Empty perfume bottles.

Retro Spray Perfumer decorated different drawings and shapes. Add a retro air to your perfume.

In the box are 25 units of these bottles in four different sizes: 8ml, 9ml, 12ml and 15ml. A perfect measure to carry in your bag or purse for any unforeseen event. Or if you feel like throwing a drop of your favorite perfume in bulk at any time of the day.

Information about Retro Spray Perfumer

Capacity: Various sizes: 8ml, 9ml, 12ml and 15ml
Color: Various
Weight: 206.01 grs.

The bottle is what represents the perfume, in addition to its container, in the case of bulk perfumes. The bottle has always been the object of design with which it is intended to convey a potential, a philosophy of the brand, a creator, a personality. The perfume, through the bottle, adopts an element that makes it capable of prolonging its existence.
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You can learn more about the concept and history of perfume in this link. Really interesting and intriguing for those of us who are fans of perfumery

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Frequently asked questions

Is it difficult to fill the glass perfume bottles?

No, normally our perfumes have an applicator that makes it possible to fill the jars easily. But if you want, you can use a small funnel that will help make it easier. Fill them with our bulk perfumes.

Can I buy the loose bottles?

Yes, some of our glass perfume bottles can be purchased loose, they can check that they are different products, when the product is a box of perfumes then you can not buy them loose. Look for the product that is only bottle.

Can I buy the jars and screen them?

Yes, we also offer you the serigraphy service of your jars. The screen printing of the bottles will be evaluated according to the project, they must take into account that for this service there are some minimum orders, send us an email to and we will inform you of how this service works.

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