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Cinnamon & Orange Essential Oil

Essence for aroma diffuser - Cinnamon & Orange

*Sold per unit.

The essence of cinnamon-orange has an intense and sweet aroma.

Cinnamon has stimulating properties, it will give your home a spicy and intense aroma creating an atmosphere of harmony; orange will provide a fruity and sweet touch, attracting positive energy and favoring mental and physical well-being.

These essences have a high concentration of aroma, which is why they are very long-lasting and with a great setting power, perfect for use with an aroma humidifier.

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Essence for aroma diffuser - Cinnamon & Orange

*Sold per unit.

  • Capacity:20ml
  • Scent: Cinnamon & Orange

Exclusive use for humidifying essences. Get your aroma diffuser by clicking here.

How to use: 

  • Fill your electrical appliance with water.
  • Drop 2 or 3 drops into the water.

For more information on how to use it, you can watch this video

Vismaressence essential oil for diffuser have a high quality and a great concentration of aroma, they are perfect to use with any type of aroma diffuser.

If you want to know more about aromatherapy visit the following blog.

Vismaressence - Perfume manufacturers

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