Aroma Diffuser Basic

Aroma Diffuser Basic

The aroma diffuser, also known as a mist diffuser, is a home air freshener that disperses the fragrance in the form of vapour. This vapour, enriched with essence particles, distributes the scent in a delicate and pleasant way, perfuming an entire room and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Use your aroma diffuser with our specially designed aroma essences, where concentrated essential oils are combined with water to effectively release the aroma. Explore our range of scents and immerse yourself in the world of fragrances we offer.


Aroma Diffuser Basic

  • Aroma Diffuser Basic
  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Colour: White

This basic aroma diffuser incorporates LED lights that change colour randomly, making it a very pleasant element for relaxation.

Aroma Diffuser Frequently Asked Questions

How does an aroma diffuser work?

These home air fresheners work with water. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to use them:

  1. Open our mist blower to reveal the container to be filled with water.
  2. Add the water (there is usually a measure for each one).
  3. Add the essence. Once our brumizador has the water we take our essence and add between 4-5 drops of essence (this amount can vary depending on the intensity of aroma that we want).
  4. We close our mist maker.
  5. Plug it in and connect it.

If you need more information visit the following video.

How many square metres is this aroma diffuser suitable for?

This aroma diffuser is ideal for about 80/95 m² of floor space. You can always adjust the scent by adding more or less scent drops, the more drops you add the more intense the scent.

We recommend between 4-5 drops of scent.

Instructions before first use and operation

Hold the bottom part with one hand and the top part of the electric air freshener with the other hand, turn clockwise to open the device.

  • Insert the spring first, then insert the absorbent cotton wool into the hole.
  • Once the cotton wool is inserted, close the hole by turning the plastic and align it with the centre of the section.
  • Close the top part by turning it until you hear a "click".
  • Fill the container with water, then insert the humidifier into the container and press the power button.

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