Why use a bodysplash? We tell you

Some when thinking of a bodysplash are confused with the perfume, but it is not the same, what is the difference? The bodysplah tends to have less concentration of the aromatic notes, while the perfume has about 20% the bodysplah has about 5%. Bodysplash is a refreshing body lotion, as well as having a light and soft scent. It is ideal to use on days of high activity, since its fresh aromatic notes make you feel the sensation of being just out of the shower.

The best time to use bodysplash is right out of the shower and, as an advantage, unlike traditional perfumes, this lotion can be applied as many times as you want without being too burdensome.

The feeling that the bodysplash leaves you is of purity, cleanliness and leaves us as new. Given the close relationship between aroma and cleanliness, bodysplash is a perfect ally, as it softens and moisturizes. In addition, it has a moisturizing factor which makes it an ideal complement for our skin.

Some tips for use that we leave you to use the bodysplash are the following:

• You can apply it 2 or 3 times a day as they give you a very pleasant and refreshing sensation.

• Its aroma, being so natural and fresh, can be used as aromatherapy.

• You can use any scent to perfume anywhere in your home.

• You can combine them with your perfume and create a unique and personalized scent.

In short, a bodysplash is ideal for any time of the day as it is fresh, natural, soft, practical and pleasant.

Some Bodys Splash have a much fresher and sportier scent, although there are a bit more intense and sweet, which are perfect for the holidays. There are versions of various scents, different purposes and reasons.

Surely now you want to try it, in VismarEssence you can find this diversity of aromas in your bodysplash, here we recommend some of our favorites:

Body Splash Sexy Flower: this bodysplash is composed of Peony, Passion Fruit and Orchid, which makes its aroma floral, fresh and with a sweet touch.

Body Splash White Lotus: it has a composition of Freesia, White Lotus and Musk, which makes its aroma sweet and floral.

Body Splash Spring Green: it is composed of Peony, Rose and Sandalwood, which makes its aroma sweet and floral.

Body Splash Copacabana: it has a composition of Piña Colada, Guava and Nenúfar, which makes its aroma fresh, sweet and floral.

Do not hesitate to try any of these bodysplash, ideal for these hot days, they will leave you a very pleasant and fresh aroma.

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