What are the best perfumes for winter?

Temperature is an element to take into account when choosing a perfume, therefore, we are going to offer you some recommendations of perfumes to wear this winter. You have to choose those that smell like flowers, such as jasmine, lilies, or roses, which are ideal this season. They can also be sweet, but always concentrated and, in the case of women, very feminine, as well as distinguished.

For those who already have a favorite perfume, do not miss that each aroma has its season, so we do not usually use the same perfume in summer and winter. Thanks to the smells that the nose is able to recognize, different fragrances have been developed with the scent of rain, nature or flowers. However, it must also be borne in mind that the same fragrance can be perceived differently. For this reason, there is a perfume according to each season of the year. Therefore, it is not the same to wear strong fragrances on cold days than to wear them in summer when the heat makes them exaggerated and even unpleasant.

In winter, the olfactory notes of the perfumes are not perceived as much, therefore, they need to be stronger. It is the best time to buy more intense, sweet and marked aromas. For this reason, it is recommended to choose perfumes with olfactory notes of honey, sandalwood, musk, wood, vanilla, patchouli, fruits and even chocolate. In perfumeries they are known as heavy or rich and last longer on the skin.

Differences between summer and winter perfumes

In summer, when wearing less clothes, the skin is more exposed, so it maintains more contact with the climate and the environment. Therefore, the perfume evaporates more easily and quickly. Perfumers recommend using more of the chosen fragrance on the skin. It is convenient to take note of more citrus and floral aromas, which are the most suitable for the summer season.

Softer perfumes with a cooler tone are used in summer for both men and women. The perfume proposals in summer are more varied than for the cold, as they include aromas such as coconut, lemon or strawberries. You have to stop and think about the season of the year to buy the perfume.

More suitable perfumes for winter

The most suitable perfumes for winter should be sweet and being concentrated, only a touch is enough to feel its aroma. In VismarEssence we tell you some of the best examples are:

  • VismarEssence 055 feminine perfume; oriental, fresh and delicious combination of olfactory notes. Designed for the modern woman, confident, independent and fun. Ideal for winter.
  • VismarEssence 104 Women's Perfume: This is a very contemporary and unbridled creation, based on a captivating blend. This fragrance is aimed at a feminine and creative woman, who likes modernity but with a bohemian touch. Great perfume for winter
  • VismarEssence 005 men's perfume: a fragrance for men from the Amber Fougère olfactory family. Ideal for men who want to feel unique and with a very pleasant aroma. It is a highly recommended perfume for winter due to its intense olfactory notes.
  • VismarEssence 243 men's perfume: it is a perfume for men from the aromatic woody olfactory family. This perfume is aimed at a daring man who is looking for a sensual and fresh scent.

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