Tips to make your perfume last longer on the skin

If there is a product that is essential for all people in their day to day, that is the perfume. We all have that favorite fragrance that gives us our personal touch and is our hallmark. In addition, perfumes can take us to unique moments and unforgettable memories. Perfumes can even improve our mood almost instantly. Who has not forgotten one morning before leaving home to put on their perfume and it was as if they had forgotten their keys?

For this reason, the perfumes that we use, we want that, once we apply them, they last as long as possible.

How to make the perfume last longer?

We all want our fragrance to last most of the day. Therefore, we offer some tips to make our favorite perfume accompany us all day:

  • Put it on at key points, it is not necessary to add half a bottle of perfume to make it last longer. You only have to apply it to some areas of the body. Which? Perfumery experts point out that it must be sprayed on the pulse points, that is, where you can feel your pulsations the most.
  • Perfumes must be kept at a suitable temperature. We all want it to last as long as possible and in the best conditions. Some important points to keep in mind: never leave fragrances in a place where they receive a lot of light and heat; neither in humid or very cold spaces. If you do, the properties of the perfume can be altered and the aroma can be preserved for less time. Perfumes should be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature.
  •  Another aspect to take into account is to choose high-quality and long-lasting perfumes, such as those you can find in the Vismaressence catalog, of niche perfumery and other feminine and masculine perfumes, according to your needs and tastes.
  • Apply it at the most suitable moment of the day, and what is it? Just when you get out of the shower since the pores are still open and the aroma penetrates better, lengthening its duration.
  • Avoid rubbing it as this creates friction and can make you perceive more scent notes in a few seconds. However, this will quickly wash the fragrance off your skin.
  • Moisturizing the skin will help the perfume last much longer on the skin. It is a fact that fragrances stay longer on the skin when it is not dry. You can use a cream that is from the same fragrance line, such as coconut cream and coconut perfume. If not, having some or the same perfume ingredients will also help.
  • Do not constantly reapply your perfume. The fact that you no longer perceive the scent does not mean that it no longer smells and that others do not perceive it. Our sense of smell gets used to smells quickly, so it does not mean that it has stopped smelling, but that it no longer perceives it as intensely.

Our perfume recommendations

  • VismarEssence 053, a super fresh, feminine and natural fragrance, which has the scent notes of apple, cedar, bell and Sicilian lemon. The heart notes are white rose, bamboo and jasmine. The base notes are amber, musk and cedar. You will get a fresh and long-lasting fragrance, as well as very pleasant.
  • VismarEssence 069, is a feminine fragrance of the Floral Woody Musk olfactory family. Top notes are blueberry, pink pepper and tamarind. The heart notes are black violet, cocoa and rose. The base notes are patchouli, vanilla and massoia wood. It is a long-lasting perfume, ideal for this fall.
  • VismarEssence 016 It is a fragrance of the Oriental Woody olfactory family for Men. Top notes are amber and mint. The heart notes are vetiver, pepper and spicy notes. The base notes are oak moss and vanilla. A perfect masculine fragrance for special moments.
  • Vismaressence 1021 is a unisex perfume from the Woody Aromatic olfactory family. Top notes: marijuana (cannabis) and green notes. Heart notes: resins, woody notes, tobacco and coffee. Base notes: oud wood and incense.

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