Tips and curiosities about perfumes in your business

It is normal that different types of doubts arise about perfumes, especially if you have a perfume that markets them and is dedicated to it. A client comes who is interested in acquiring one and is not very clear about what aspects to take into account, therefore, here we clarify some doubts.

In addition, perfume is one of the best-selling products at Christmas time, being Spanish perfumes one of the most coveted in other countries. In 2017, exports grew by up to 10%, even surpassing wine and oil, two of the Spanish products par excellence.

Now, what kind of doubts can a consumer have when he wants to buy a perfume in our store:

Duration of the perfume in memory.

The duration of the perfume in our memory is not known exactly, some experts defend that it lasts around 6 months. Others, however, claim that a fragrance can last a lifetime in our memory. It is true that on many occasions we perceive a smell and it immediately leads us to a memory or a person, has it happened to you, right? The aromas manage to create associations in our mind that other senses do not awaken in such a deep way.

Where should we apply the perfume to do a test?

Perfume samples should always be applied to the inside of the wrist, and after application, wait a few minutes. If we want to make a comparison of smells, we will apply the other perfume that we want to try on the other wrist. The third on the inside of the elbow. This is done so that each perfume is in a part of the body and we can perceive all its olfactory notes without creating confusion in our senses.

For a perfume to last longer, you have to follow some indications:

  • Store the bottle so that it does not get too much sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Apply to areas of the body where more body heat is generated, such as the neck, wrists or the area behind the ears.
  • Apply the perfume after the shower since the pores will be more open.
  • Combine the same products with the same scent, such as soap and then perfume.
  • Another factor to take into account is that perfume is absorbed faster on drier skin, so it should be applied more frequently. However, if we have oily skin, the smell of the perfume is also more intense and long-lasting.

When should we not use a perfume?

We should never use perfume when we are going to be exposed to the sun since the ingredients can interact with UV rays and irritate the skin, even causing stains that are difficult to remove.

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