The best perfumes of 2020

What are the best rated fragrances for your perfume shop of 2020? There are a lot of perfumes that were sold during this year, but some of our perfume references are more sold than others. From Vismaressence perfume manufacturers, here are a list of our best-selling perfumes of 2020. This perfumes can not lack in your perfume shop.

Best 2020 perfumes for women

Vismaressence 126

Very feminine, sweet and fruity. Our Vismaressence 126 was the No. 1 in sales in 2020, the perfect perfume for this Christmas.

Vismaressence 126 is perfect for women who love classic and very feminine perfumes, those looking for a fresh, soft and romantic scent.

Vismaressence 093

Vismaressence 093 is one of our sweetest perfumes, its notes of praline, blackcurrant and its floral composition make it a very popular and appetizing fragrance. This fragrance is one of our bestsellers for its pleasant aroma.

Vismaressence 056

This is possibly one of our most popular fragrances on the list, an exceptional scent for every day. Vismaressence 056 is a blend of fruity, floral and woody notes that make a seductive scent but with a touch full of love, perfect to use as a daily fragrance.

Vismaressence 167

Vismaressence 167 is the glamrock fragrance, perfect for independent and strong women. Its notes include pink pepper, orange blossom and pear.

Vismaressence 167 is one of our most beloved scents, everyone who has this scent will say it again.

Best Sellers for Men

Vismaressence 010

Vismaressence 010 has become the Top Selling Men's Fragrance for several years, because this Vismaressence 010 is one of our top selling men's fragrances.

This fragrance with a very sweet main note of cinnamon with leather, amber and a woody base gives an explosive and powerful scent that lasts 8 hours on the skin.

Vismaressence 222

Vismaressence 222 is one of our most attractive and alluring fragrances. A wild fragrance full of freedom and strength thanks to its delicious composition. Vismaressence 222 in turn is a scent that lasts on the skin for 8 and 9 hours. A perfect scent for the colder months of the year.

Vismaressence 207

In our annual bestsellers there is always a place for a fresh scent. Vismaressence 207 is one of our fresh fragrances for men that has never stopped loving the hearts of our customers.

Its citrus and lavender notes give it a clean scent, the perfect scent if you always want to smell fresh and fresh out of the shower.

This fragrance, unlike the other two best-selling masculine references, stands out as a simple scent without a striking fragrance, perfect for projecting intimacy and closeness.

If you need to know more about our fragrance references, visit this unofficial blog.

Have the best perfume references in your perfumes shop. Here are some of our best selling fragrances this year, with them you will be able to surprise all your customers. If you want more information on how our fragrances are, don't hesitate to contact us at

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