Fine perfumery in the form of a spray air freshener

Spray air fresheners are the ideal product if you are looking to give your home an extra touch of perfume. Every home has its own scent that creates a unique atmosphere depending on the perfumes and essences chosen.

Do you want to enhance the personality of your home and get a "welcome effect" atmosphere when you receive guests? Are you looking for the perfect ally to maintain a pleasant clean-smelling sensation in every room of your house?

Spray air fresheners are the convenient, instant and long-lasting way to scent your home. In addition, they are increasingly used for their convenience, versatility and immediate effect.


What are the benefits and advantages of using spray air fresheners?

  •  Convenience and ease of use thanks to their design.

Unlike other air freshener options that require continuous monitoring, those designed in spray format are activated with the push of a button. In addition, the bottle containing the scent is compact and portable, so you can easily take it from one room of the house to another.

  • Immediate and long-lasting fragrance.

 One of the characteristics of this type of air freshener is its ability to disperse the fragrance instantly, covering unwanted odors. The mist particles suspended in the air allow the fragrance to last for a long time.

  •   Customizable application.

Another remarkable advantage is that spray air fresheners allow you to enjoy the fragrance at the time you want and with the intensity you want. You can adjust the number of sprays and you can choose the area or room where you want the perfume to be noticed.


VismarEssence has developed a very wide range of fine perfumery scents and fragrances for the home. These spray air fresheners have been created based on our perfumes in bulk. This way you can choose the perfume and air freshener that complement each other and belong to the same olfactory family.

Here are the 5 fragrances that our customers like and love the most:

It belongs to the Oriental Floral olfactory family. The perfume is composed around a base of patchouli, a heart of rose and jasmine. The ideal complement to this base is the freshness of citrus and a subtle touch of vanilla. A scent characterized by its sweetness and warmth. This fragrance elevates the olfactory experience of your home, transforming it into a space that induces rest, dissipates tension and promotes a state of calm. It is ideal for use in your living area or bedroom.

This fragrance belongs to the Oriental Vanilla olfactory family. It has fruity olfactory notes of coconut, subtle heart notes of jasmine, lily of the valley and rose that are perfectly complemented by the background olfactory accords of sandalwood, almond, vanilla and musk. This perfume teleports you to warm summer nights. This scent stimulates positive sensations and creates a clean and pure atmosphere in your home.

This fragrance belongs to the Floral olfactory family and combines orange blossom and lavender accords. This scent is made to give a sophisticated touch to your home thanks to the olfactory notes of vanilla extract, cedar oil, ambergris accord and moss. This scent turns your space into a distinguished and unique place thanks to its soft floral accords that are complemented by the stimulus of green and intense moss essences. It is an ideal scent to activate concentration. Use it in your study room or office.

This perfume belongs to the Oriental Floral olfactory family. It is a perfume that stands out for the prolonged duration of its aroma. This fact is due to its base notes that act as a fixed base. They are chords of ambergris, sandalwood and cashmere wood. The first accords that stand out when spraying the product are floral notes of water jasmine, green mandarin and ginger blossom. The heart of this scent is unique as it blends hints of vanilla and salt, an olfactory contrast that envelops you and creates an exquisite atmosphere in your home.

This perfume belongs to the Oriental Floral olfactory family. It is a fragrance dominated by three olfactory notes, amber and wood, two illuminated notes complemented to perfection by touches of jasmine flowers. It is a powerful, different and attractive scent. The woody base is ideal for creating a cozy, familiar and relaxing atmosphere in your home. This scent infuses your home with an exquisite aroma, a personal scent that evokes and activates deep feelings and memories.

Discover the entire range of fine perfumery in spray air freshener format that VismarEssence has created to turn every home into a unique and personalized home!

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