Solve your doubts about the body scrub

Surely many times you have asked yourself, how many times should I use the scrub? Can I use it before or after waxing? Well, all these doubts and many more will be resolved by two professionals in the sector.

What is exfoliation?

 It is a ritual that removes dead skin and leaves it soft and clean. Body scrubs are essential to have healthy skin, but you must be clear about how, when and how often to apply them.

How should we apply the body scrub?

You can apply it in the shower, with your hands or a mitten, you must massage with gentle movements, in a circular direction and on the buttocks, belly and hips. As for the legs, start with the ribs and go up towards the heart. And in the arms up to the shoulders.

How many times should we use it?

Depending on your skin type and product, we can use it two or three times a week. The objective of the scrub is to remove dead cells, leaving our skin smooth and receptive to the care we apply later. It is very important that we take into account our skin type and that we use adapted products. Esther Sansi, pharmacist at Sansi Farma, recommends that we use exfoliants 2 times a week.

Can we use the scrubs daily in the shower?

Well, there are exfoliants that can be used for just one week, and other softer ones that can be used every two or three days, according to dermatologist Ariadna Ortiz.

And the pharmacist Esther Sansi tells us that there are gentle scrubs to use daily in the shower, but if we don't have the habit, she recommends using one twice a week to remove dead cells and later use the daily scrub.

Do they have any disadvantages for the skin?

Exfoliants only have benefits for our skin, such as activating circulation, the lymphatic system, it has an anti-aging effect and oxygenates the skin.

Do we exfoliate before or after waxing?

It should be done before hair removal, if possible 1 day before, as it helps us remove ingrown hairs and dead cells

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