Signature perfumes

Signature perfumes or niche perfumes are exclusive perfumes, for those with more delicate noses and who want a different and unconventional scent. This type of perfumes, more importance is given to the process of elaboration and its raw materials, leaving more aside the marketing of the same.

Choosing a signature perfume is to make a difference, it is to be daring. Signature perfumes or niche perfumes invite you to focus on the characteristics of the product, that is to say, on its raw materials and the delicate process of elaboration that they have. Signature perfumes differ in all aspects from conventional perfumes, from their marketing to the way the different notes of the perfume are perceived.

In our online shop we have a wide range of niche perfumes for women and niche perfumes for men, which are one of the best choices when looking for a different scent and that stands out above other more conventional and commercial. But there are three perfumes of author in particular, that we would like to highlight for the feeling of freshness that transmit, for his personality, for its unique aromas... we show you these perfumes selected by the different sensations and perceptions that we transmit:

1.     VF7001

The signature perfume VF7001 takes you back to another era, to a time of gangsters, of Jazz and Charleston, of speakeasies and speakeasies. Thanks to its scent, we remember that era of gentlemen in suits and jackets with cigars in hand, in which elegance and luxury stood out. The niche perfume for men VF7001, makes us go back to the crazy 20s, in what mattered most was the elegance and have in possession of a Lincoln L Sedan.

Top notes are Sicilian lemon (Sicilian lime), blackcurrant, bergamot and spice. The heart notes are fruity, patchouli leaves and water jasmine. The base notes are cedar, leather, sandalwood, vanilla, white musk and moss.


2.     VF6001

The signature perfume VF6001 immerses us in the Caucasian cold. Its fresh, soft and permanent scent will make you travel to the most unusual and wintry corners, as if you were on the Trans-Siberian, travelling through the valleys of Siberian pine covered with white snow. Niche perfume VF6001 is a niche perfume for both men and women. Its delicate and refreshing fragrance is perfect for those hot months when we are looking for a refreshing and different smell.

The top notes are tuberose, pink pepper and clary sage. The heart notes are tuberose, jasmine sambac (sampaguita), ylang-ylang, benzoin, orange blossom and cashmere. The base notes are tuberose and amber.


3.     VF6065

The signature perfume VF6065 is reminiscent of stately London, where ladies used to take tea in the garden, eat sweet pastries and chat for hours on end. The niche perfume for women VF6065, will transport you to that stately and revolutionary London in terms of art, fashion and technology. 

Top notes of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, sour cherry, blackcurrant, mandarin and lemon. Heart notes of violet and jasmine. The base notes of musk, vanilla, cashmere, woody notes, oakmoss, amber and patchouli.


In Vismar Essence you can find perfumes of author or varied niche perfumes, where one can find that aroma that surrounds you and identify you, that makes you unique, making you stand out and stand out above other more conventional and common perfumes.  Don't wait any longer and get your favourite in our online shop.

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