Setting set: how to sell it in your store

The importance of having a good fragrance in the home is increasing. For this reason, a good idea to offer your clients is a setting set. Knowing what aromas to use according to the type of environment enhances the good feelings and the activities carried out in that space.

Floral fragrances are ideal to help you rest; In a place where we have more of a social life, fruity fragrances promote a happy atmosphere with good energy. The idea is that you offer your customers aromas that help balance their mood and create unique experiences and moments. In addition, a scent that we like can improve our mood and give us more energy.

For this reason, we want to tell you more about our setting sets. On the VismarEssence website you can find different fragrances to choose the one that best suits your type of client. Do you want to meet them?

Fragrances of the setting sets

In addition to these fragrances, you can also find EcoHappy mikados that can also fit the tastes of the end customer.

What do the setting sets include?

VismarEssence air freshener sets come complete to fragrance the home progressively and lastingly thanks to their rattan rods. What else do these sets include? In addition to these 6 rattan rods to spray the aroma progressively, they include 1 100 ml mikado bottle filled with the chosen aroma; and a 200ml PET bottle with the aroma of the mikado of your choice. In addition, they do not contain alcohol and the mikados can last for more than three months. Best of all, the aroma diffuses naturally and progressively through its vegetable fiber rattan rods.

This setting set goes in a black box that gives it elegance and exclusivity, the label has a unique design.

Benefits of scent sets for customers

With the purchase of these air freshener sets, customers can enjoy the great benefits of air fresheners for the home. Would you like to meet them?

  • The mikado containers have an exclusive design, so they can be a decorative element in the home.
  • Scents can create pleasant sensations.
  • They can be an element of personalization of the home since they will be able to choose the fragrances according to their tastes.
  • Eliminate stuffy environments and bad odours.
  • Its duration is prolonged thanks to its rattan rods, which if we turn them frequently will achieve a more intense aroma.

What are you waiting for? Offer the best products for your customers in your store, at VismarEssence we recommend these sets of setting to achieve the greatest satisfaction.

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