Properties of vanilla aroma in aromatherapy

The vanilla essential oil that permeates the skin, leaving a very pleasant sensation. This therapeutic ingredient also reminds us in small doses of aromas like those of the sweets that we took in childhood. In aromatherapy it is among the first five most virtuous fragrances to restore emotional health. Its aroma so valued in this technique joins its relaxing, invigorating and authentic antidepressant benefits as a way to heal emotions and restore well-being. Its perfume is highly valued in perfumery.

Vanilla has a yellow flower, its fruit is dark in color and with an exquisite aroma. The essences come out through a process of evaporation of the fruit. Approximately 35% of the amount used in the countries is destined to the production of fragrances and natural cosmetics. Its aroma helps reduce stress and create a relaxed atmosphere, attracting positive energies.

Benefits of vanilla essence oil

Over time, the oil and essence of this ingredient proved its antioxidant and antidepressant value. Therefore, its use increased significantly. Some of the benefits that this aroma can provide are the following:

  • Helps strengthen the immune system.
  • It can help relieve anxiety attacks, improving the quality of sleep.
  • Encourage rest.
  • Is able to create a relaxed space, calming the mind.
  • In cosmetics it can help to nourish the hair fiber. Makes hair look silky and shinier.
  • It is a source of antioxidants, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles and becomes a very effective protector against external damage.
  • It is effective in combating anxiety and replenishes states of discouragement and melancholy. This is because they have a calming effect on the brain that fights anger and fatigue.

Properties of vanilla essential oil

It is composed mainly of vanillin and of eugenol and piperonal. These give it that very typical and exquisite taste, and many of its healthy and regenerating benefits. When we talk about oil, it can add more than a hundred aromas in small doses.

Due to its attributes, it is widely used to improve health in cases of relief of inflamed areas of the skin, as a way to grow beautiful and healthy hair and as an oil in massages and spas that remove discomfort in the joint areas. In alternative medicine it is also very valuable to improve mood, as it calms and prevents aging due to accumulated stress.

Our body and mind appreciate filling a bathtub with warm water, placing about 10 drops of vanilla essential oil on it and soaking for half an hour. Or do it at rest, gently massaging the neck, chest or abdomen to remove pain and nerves.

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