Your personality influences the type of perfume you are looking for, did you know?

Although we have never thought about it, the type of personality of each person influences the choice of their perfume. It is clear that you can have a crush on any type of perfume, but there are trends that are clear: while the more outgoing people prefer fresher perfumes with citrus or vetiver tones; the more discreet look for more oriental or spicy olfactory notes. Therefore, character is an important factor when choosing a fragrance, although there are other points that are taken into account. The experiences and moments we are going through, or even age, are also aspects that influence when choosing a perfume.

Sweet and fruity notes often unconsciously evoke childhood. Over time, we tend to go for the most sophisticated and powerful perfumes. Did you know that a single olfactory note can influence when discarding a perfume? Some flowers, fruits, or spices are directly associated with ideas and behaviors.

Roses, for example, culturally create an idea of romanticism that is the perfect base for those more delicate perfumes. Cocoa or vanilla are associated with sweetness, designating a cheerful and fun perfume. For this reason, we have a natural inclination to some specific perfumes since we unconsciously detect the olfactory notes that inevitably attract us, in harmony with our identity. Here are some perfume suggestions for each personality:

Perfumes for every personality type

  • For those outgoing people who tend to opt for a simple fragrance that contains an intense citrus aroma, such as the olfactory notes of orange, sandalwood ... we recommend our feminine perfume VismarEssence 185 and the masculine fragrance VismarEssence 031. Designed with nostalgia for childhood, a spring mix between sweet and citrus aromas. This type of fragrance can also be intended for athletes looking for lighter fragrances with greater durability.
  • People with a more reserved and calm personality use perfumes that are more representative. They are usually fragrances that attract less attention. These types of fragrances are usually oriental, with sweet and cozy notes and with a certain point of mystery. In this case, we recommend the men's perfume VismarEssence 249; and in the case of female perfumes we recommend VismarEssence 167. If you like this type of perfume, these two recommendations will certainly be right.
  • Adventurers and nature lovers, they adore fragrances that evoke the fresh, natural and free. They are eye-catching fragrances that last throughout the day. They usually contain scent notes of lavender, cedar or pine. For this reason, we recommend the VismarEssence 013 men's perfume; and in the case of feminine perfume the VismarEssence 128 fragrance. They are perfect for those who love the natural and fresh.
  • Those most seductive people look for perfumes that leave their mark, which is why they are mostly composed of bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, cinnamon, amber, in general woody perfumes. For this reason, our recommendation for a feminine perfume is VismarEssence 129; In the case of the recommended men's fragrance, it is VismarEssence 228.

Although these have been our recommendations, we invite you to visit our VismarEssence website and discover our perfume catalog with its scent notes. So you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

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