Do perfumes expire? We give you some keys to know it

Perfumes are something that accompanies us in our day to day. Sometimes, forgetting to add our favorite fragrance is almost like leaving the house keys forgotten, hasn't it happened to you? Normally, we not only have a single perfume, but we have several for the different occasions that arise. We do not use the same fragrance in summer, which is usually cooler, than in winter, which are usually aromas with greater depth.

When we go from one season to another, we stop wearing the perfume that we used to wear in the other season and we forget about it until the following year. This means that when we use the fragrance again, it may be noticeable in a different color. Does it mean that it has expired? The answer is that it has rather rusted.

Fragrances do not have an expiration date per se, but over time, they oxidize. Oxidation takes place by the contact of the fragrance with oxygen during manufacture, by the air that remains in the bottle while we use it and by the interaction of the molecules of the essence itself. For this reason, a perfume can change its color and smell.

Although expiration in perfumes does not have a practical application, there is the concept of PAO (Period After Opening), which serves to give an idea of expiration from the moment the product is opened.

How long do the perfumes last and how can I tell if it's spoiled?

As it does not have an expiration date, it may undergo some modification in the color or its aroma change slightly. Some people who have a highly developed sense of smell if they can notice these variations, but it is normal that they are not perceived.

When many years pass you may notice that the color has changed, but as we have mentioned, this happens due to oxidation. The color change is not a drawback, and the scent changes are very subtle. It is very important to keep perfumes at a suitable temperature, and store it in a cool and dark place.

What temperature and where can I best store and preserve the perfume?

The preservation of a perfume largely depends on how it is stored. The perfect thing is to keep it away from light and high temperatures, they are much better preserved. Light breaks down some fragrance molecules, promoting oxidation. It also heats the formula, which implies that some essences evaporate and others remain, modifying the original smell of the perfume to a greater or lesser extent.

You have to avoid places such as radiators, windows with lots of light, shelves with bulbs or any source of heat. On the other hand, the bathroom is the best place to store it, since humidity changes the temperature. Therefore, the perfume must be stored in a dry and dark place and, if possible, keep it in its original box.

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