What perfumes are the most suitable for the cold?

In this article we are going to give you some tips on perfumes for the cold. As we already know, the perfumes for women and men that are usually used in summer and winter are significantly different. In summer, fragrances are usually sought that are fresher and that are not excessively sweet and concentrated. In winter, however, if we are looking for sweeter and more concentrated perfumes since their fragrance usually lasts less time.

If you are thinking of buying a new perfume for women or men this winter, in addition to your tastes, you also have to take into account other external elements such as temperature. During the cold season, especially in winter, the fragrances used give you a more personal touch, since they are more specific and concentrated scents. For this reason, perfumes that smell like flowers are recommended, such as jasmine, lilies or roses that are perfect for this season. They can also be sweet, but always concentrated and, in the case of women, very feminine, as well as distinguished.

For people who already have a favorite perfume, do not forget that each aroma has its season and there is a difference between those used in summer and winter. Different aromas have been manufactured, thanks to the smells recognized by smell. In addition, since each person has their olfactory preferences, perfumes are perceived in different ways on the skin of each one. Such as the smell of rain, nature, flowers, parks. For this reason, there is a perfume according to each season of the year. Therefore, it is not the same to wear strong fragrances on cold days, than to wear them in summer when the heat makes them too exaggerated and even unpleasant.

Main differences between women's and men's summer and winter perfumes

In summer we usually wear less clothing and the skin is more exposed, keeping in contact with the climate and the environment. For this reason, the perfume evaporates more easily and quickly, so perfumers advise using more of the chosen fragrance on the skin. It is convenient to take note of the citrus and floral aromas, which are the most appropriate for the season.

Softer perfumes are used in summer than in winter and with a fresh tone for both men and women. The fragrance proposal for the summer is more varied than for the cold and can include aromas of coconut, lemon, strawberries, etc. It is recommended to think about the season of the year when buying the perfume.

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