Olfactory pyramid, what is a perfume made of?

When we talk about the description of a perfume, we also talk about olfactory notes (bottom, top and heart). Well, this is what the olfactory pyramid is about, the different olfactory notes that make up a perfume. For a perfume to be impressive, it must find harmony between those notes that make it up. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the structure of the perfume to create an intoxicating and captivating mixture.

A perfume usually includes between 30 and 60 raw materials. When these ingredients are natural, they add complexity to fragrances with their aromatic molecules. Synthetic ingredients add effects and sensations that are not provided by natural ingredients. Therefore, this mixture of some ingredients and others, result in those ideal products with incredibly surprising aromas. You can't capture a lily fragrance, for example, without lab materials and various technologies. For this reason, the balance between the natural and the synthetic is sought.

Learn more about the different olfactory notes that make up perfumes

The olfactory pyramid is the representation of the different perceptions of perfumes. Olfactory notes are classified according to the degree of intensity and their duration. This results in three different categories:

  • Top notes: the freshest and shortest lasting notes are included here. It is the first impression that you usually get from a perfume and they barely last a few minutes.
  • Heart notes: these types of notes are the ones that express the real identity of the perfume. They are more persistent and deeper than the exit ones. Its duration is a few hours.
  • Background notes: they provide warmth and persistence to the perfume. They evaporate slowly and disappear after a long time.

Once we have known the different olfactory notes that make up a perfume, we will comment on the olfactory families. These help us classify perfumes according to their different characteristics. Next, we offer you a classification in which seven different olfactory families predominate.

Olfactory families of perfumes

  • Citrus, this olfactory family is characterized by being composed of notes that come from lemon, orange, tangerine or grapefruit. They are usually lighter and fresher fragrances, which fit very well in those hotter months.
  • Floral, this olfactory family is very extensive due to its richness. The most classic notes are usually jasmine, rose or daffodil.
  • Fougère, refers to those fragrances that evoke nature. It usually contains olfactory notes of lavender, oakmoss or juniper.
  • Chypre, this olfactory family contains more sophisticated and exclusive fragrances. Its most characteristic notes are usually bergamot or earthy bases.
  • Woody, it is composed of warmer and more intense notes, such as sandalwood, amber or patchouli.
  • Orientale, the harmony of spices, wood and vanilla predominates and sophisticated and enveloping perfumes are created.
  • Gourmand, warm and sweet aromas with spicy nuances come into play in this olfactory family. This results in captivating aromas with olfactory notes such as vanilla or tonka bean.

Once you know this data about the components of perfumes, you can use them to put scent marketing into play in your business. With this, you can use the senses to create unique sensory experiences through smell, obtaining truly surprising results.

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