The olfactory families of perfumes: Find out more about the olfactory note of incense

The olfactory families of perfumes are varied, we can find up to 7 recognized olfactory families. Specifically, the olfactory family of incense is the oriental or amber. The smell of incense used in perfumery is different from the smell of burnt incense. The essential oil is extracted from the resin by steam or vacuum distillation. What is the result of this process? It is a liquid with a resinous, dense, deep and woody smell, it can have citric, spicy and skin nuances.

Within the olfactory families of perfumes, the olfactory note of incense is a sophisticated and unique aroma, whoever carries this type of fragrance usually has a very personal aroma. Some perfumes manage to mix the incense with other ingredients, achieving a balance and a memorable result. Some perfumes with this olfactory note are niche, such as Vismaressence VF616, a unisex and exclusive perfume, which will leave you with an elegant and traditional fragrance.

Learn more about the olfactory families of perfumes

The classification of perfumes had its peak at the end of the 20th century. The reason? The industry and perfumers believed it necessary to establish families to group perfumes with similar structure and characteristics. However, currently there is not a classification accepted by all, since everyone appreciates fragrances in a different way. Today, there is a classification that has seven olfactory families of perfumes: the Citrus family; the Floral; Fougère, Cyprus, Woody and Oriental or Amber, and the Gourmand.

However, when we go from practice to theory, other olfactory families emerge that we have not mentioned and we consider that must be taken into account. These are Aromatic, Aquatic, Fruity and Leather. It must be taken into account that each category can in turn be divided into other subfamilies that present more nuances.

The olfactory pyramid

If we talk about olfactory families, we must also talk about the olfactory pyramid, which is the traditional way in which the phases through which the perfume passes once we apply it have been structured. These are: the top, heart and base notes. Below we explain in more detail what each of these phases consists of:

  • Top notes: they are the lightest and those that evaporate before. They are the ones in charge of awakening the sense of smell and leaving us a first impression. They are the notes that come off during the first 10 or 15 minutes. These are usually cooler notes.
  • Heart notes: these notes are more complex and rich in nuances. They are the ones in charge of giving personality and character to the perfume, differentiating it from the rest. They are perceived after the first 15 minutes, and can last up to 6 hours. They are usually floral and fruity notes, among others.
  • Base notes: they are those that have more volume and give depth and intensity to the fragrances. They are the ones that begin to be perceived after the first 2 hours. They are usually woody, amber, musky, moss or some spices of great intensity.

In VismarEssence you can find a diversity of perfumes with each of these olfactory notes, as well as with different fragrances. As October is the month of incense, we propose you some perfumes, for people and pets, and air fresheners with this olfactory note, so that it is enjoyed in the best way.

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