Natural soaps. Existing benefits and types

Nowadays, more and more people are looking to use organic products. Natural soaps have always been present, but their use decreased when chemical soaps began to be marketed by large industries. However, the best option to offer the best care to your skin are natural soaps, as well as other organic cosmetic products with natural ingredients. It is more advisable to use natural soaps since their ingredients are also natural, they are not processed and they do not use chemicals that can damage your skin. These soaps, in addition to all the benefits they provide, continue to fulfill their function of cleaning and eliminating dead cells.

Types of natural soaps

We can find different types of natural soaps, which you can make yourself or buy in an organic store.

  • Dermatological soaps designed for skin that have acne problems, providing softness and closing the pores.
  • Therapeutic soaps used for medicinal purposes to treat diseases such as psoriasis and other diseases caused by fungi.
  • Moisturizing oil-based soaps and creams to deeply hydrate the skin.
  • Sulfate-free soaps, which do not contain any chemical elements and help us protect our skin.
  • Liquid soaps used to form a more beneficial cleansing lotion than bar soap.
  • Neutral soaps do not usually have a moisturizing action on the skin, but they counteract oily skin.
  • Aromatic soaps that are used for relaxation or to enjoy your favorite special and unique fragrance throughout the day.

Benefits and properties of natural soaps

The use of natural soaps can bring us great advantages for the care of our skin. Its fragrances are natural and its foam is scarce, which indicates that they are free of chemicals that are harmful to the health of our skin. The ingredients used to make these natural soaps are vegetable extracts of herbs and fruits to improve the appearance of the skin, offering intense and healthy hydration. Each of these ingredients provides highly stimulating, antiseptic, relaxing, cleansing, regenerative and exfoliating properties.

In VismarEssence you can find various natural soaps that provide these benefits to your skin. In the month of October, taking advantage of the fact that it is the month of incense, we recommend the handmade soap & with a perfume fragrance that contains olfactory notes, among which is incense.

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