Most used female perfumes according to each country. Would you like to know them?

The choice of a more citric or sweeter or floral perfume or even the way in which we wear a perfume varies a lot depending on one country or another. The olfactory and cultural heritage makes us associate certain aromas to our lives and they remain in our memory forever. But also, if we talk about how we perfume ourselves according to our country of origin, it always incites our curiosity. What are the favorite perfumes of Spanish women and why do Italians like sweet fragrances more and French ones like floral ones?

Perfumes are an element that accompanies us in our day to day. Hence the importance of the chosen fragrance being the right one and the one that best suits our tastes. On the other hand, not all countries use the same perfumes. Some tend to use more floral or fruity fragrances, while others opt more for sweet and woody fragrances. Would you like to know which are the preferred perfumes depending on each country? We tell you some:

The favorite perfumes among the Spanish

In Spain we are very familiar with citrus aromas such as orange blossom, oranges or lemon. In addition, they are aromas that have accompanied us practically our entire lives, since our childhood. In Spain freshness is almost necessary to be present in perfumes, and for example, aromas such as lavender is something traditional in this country. This olfactory note is treated in family or male perfumes in France, while in Brazil it is reserved for female perfumes, which is why it changes the perception of this note in our fragrances. From VismarEssence we recommend the VismarEssence 113 fragrance, since it has all these qualities.

Favorite perfumes among French women

The women of France have a tremendous tradition in perfume culture and are not afraid of fragrances with personality, and during the 1950s they popularized chypre and oriental perfumes with notes of patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, warm woods and other floral notes. , her clear favorites. From VismarEssence we recommend the VismarEssence 073 fragrance, since it has all these qualities.

As for the Italians, what do you prefer?

Italians tend to opt for sweeter perfumes, although it could be the same as in Spain, we love citrus and fresh perfumes. Italy is a Mediterranean country and a great producer of bergamot. Even so, Italians prefer fragrances with sweeter notes. Italians continue to prefer the most sophisticated and full-bodied perfumes. At VismarEssence we recommend the VismarEssence 146 fragrance, from the fruity floral olfactory family.

This is how they perfume themselves in Asia and the Middle East

And it is that both in China and Japan, countries in which women perfume less out of habit, perfumes are light and soft and with transparent floral notes or slightly invasive watery accords. Although this custom is changing and more and more perfume compared to previous years.

Formerly considered a more intimate ritual, it was frowned upon to use too invasive perfumes. However, nowadays the new generations already use perfumes as a wardrobe accessory and an element of beauty, playing even with the mixture of scents. Even so, you are always looking for fresher floral or aquatic notes such as thrush or musk.

The countries of the Middle East have a fondness for the oud in all its facets with notes of orange, of roses. But they all have a long history behind the use of perfumes with woods such as sandalwood or patchouli, rose and other spices. At VismarEssence we recommend VismarEssence 173 fragance.

As you have seen, each country has olfactory notes and a favorite type of perfume. At VismarEssence you can find a wide variety of all kinds of perfumes that perfectly suit your tastes.

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