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The smells we perceive can take us to other places or remind us of important moments in our lives. The mind is capable of remembering 35% of the smells it perceives over time. I only remember 5% of what we see, 3% of what we hear and 1% of what we touch. For this reason, choosing a good perfume or a good air freshener for the home is important. It creates pleasant sensations and makes us feel in a cozy environment that we do not want to leave. At VismarEssence you can find private label perfumes and mikado air fresheners to offer a wide variety that suits all tastes. But in this article, we are going to focus on the importance of choosing a good air freshener for your home or business that leaves everyone who perceives it speechless.

How can we correctly choose an air freshener for the home?

The best smell for our home also depends on our tastes and preferences for those aromas. Therefore, choosing the best aroma diffuser that creates good feelings for us is very important. Here are some tips for offering home air fresheners in your store that your customers can't resist:

  • A soft aroma for everyday use can fit very well in any home. If your business has soft scents, it can make a difference with other businesses. Here olfactory marketing would come into play, which can influence more than is often thought.
  • You have to choose a suitable system to aromatize the rooms. Choosing a good aroma diffuser, whether electric or mikado, is essential for the fragrance to spread throughout the store or home. We recommend our aroma diffusers and essential oils so that you can attract a large segment of customers.
  • Depending on your type of store and the sector you are targeting, you have to choose a specific aroma.

Once you know the importance and how to choose the best aroma for your store or home, we recommend our Rituals mikado air fresheners. Among them you can find different aromas that will adapt to each type of business to impress customers.

The duration of these mikado air fresheners is usually longer thanks to their ingredients and their intensity. In addition, with them you can offer a more exclusive line of business with our different jars for mikado.

The power of scents

With a suitable aroma diffuser you can influence consumer behavior, just like music, which, depending on its rhythm, makes you shop to buy more or less. Therefore, choosing the right scent is essential. 75% of emotions are based on what we smell, since smell influences emotions. The power that fragrances have over us is, in part, why companies use scents to engage customers: an invigorating scent at the store entrance to get us to buy more, or a unique interior scent at the front desk. of a luxury hotel, for example. Ultimately, using a particular scent to encourage customers to buy more can be a successful strategy.

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