Love the Summer with our Body mist

Summer of love with the best body mist at Vismar essence, the best refreshment for your skin, leaving it calm and moisturised and with the scent that represents you. The must have that will accompany you at any time of the day or night.


What are body mist or body splash? We tell you.


   Your essential accessory during the summer months, the best part of your body beauty ritual, you will always carry it with you.

Body spray are perfumes similar to eau de toilette, fresh and light, with a lower concentration of alcohol and aromatic notes, with multiple properties but above all refreshing, ideal for this time of the year.

With the arrival of the heat, we are looking for comfortable, light products with delicate, refreshing aromas that meet our body's needs. Our body mists meet all these requirements.


When to use them?


   These spectacular sprays are usually used just after showering with the skin still wet or at any time of the day and night, brings an extra freshness, luminosity, hydration and well-being to your skin with the best aroma. It can also be used on hair, to perfume our bed linen, our home and even our car. These magnificent characteristics make it an ideal product with multiple uses.


If you are looking to enhance your look and transmit your personality, at Vismar essence we have the best selection:


·        Body Mist Spring Green 310


Spray all over your skin with this perfume similar to eau de toilette with which you will feel a floral and fresh caress thanks to its scent of peony, rose and sandalwood.


·        Body Mist Mikonos Beach 311


Take a bath of exoticism with this eau de toilette-like fragrance that will bring out your confidence with its mango, redcurrant and hibiscus scent.

·        Body Mist Sexy Flower 312


Spray your body with this spectacular perfume that will increase your power of seduction with the scent of peony, passion fruit and orchid.


·        Body Mist Madagascar Vanilla 313


Refresh your skin and transport it to the sweet memory of a pleasant journey with an exquisite scent of vanilla, coconut and amber.


·        Body Mist Copacabana 314


Give your skin the freshness and sweetness of piña colada, water lily and guava, which will take you to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, with a heightened sense of joy and happiness.


·        Body Mist White Lotus 315


Immerse your skin in the most pleasurable, fresh and sweet scent of freesia, white lotus and musk perfume.


·        Body Mist Coconut Milk 316


Flood your skin with sensuality, subtlety and tenderness that will leave your skin with the sweet scent of coconut, the freshness of jasmine and the subtlety of hyacinth.


·        Body Mist Exotic Cherry 317


Give your skin an exotic shower that will transport you to the most pleasant sensation caused by the aroma of strawberry, cherry blossom and musk.


This summer you will fall in love with our body mist with which you will refresh your body, filling it with freshness, softness, luminosity and above all flooding your skin with the lightest and sweetest aroma. It will become your best companion on hot summer days, giving you the feeling of having just stepped out of the shower. These perfumes are very successful because of their light aromatic notes and their low cost.


Do not miss the opportunity to buy yours and access our online shop, when you try our variety, you will not be satisfied with just one, you will want to get them all. The best of our variety is its irresistible price, an offer at a great price.


Live your most TOP summer with our Body Splash

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