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The creation of this line of perfumes was carried out with the aim of returning perfume to its throne, to return perfume to the concept that was had in the 19th and 20th centuries. But with the difference that they wanted to give it a more modern and modern touch. For this reason, Kilian perfumes have that contemporary and exclusive touch.

Kilian perfumes represent Parisian luxury, they were born from the search for the sublime formula and the love for perfumes. As a result, they wanted to obtain a perfect alliance between elegance and exclusivity. These values are the ambition of its creator Kilian Hennesy.

Kilian Hennesy was born in 1972, heir to a family of entrepreneurs who launched themselves into the business world with the luxury of their cognacs. Kilian's main idea was to create a new luxury brand: By Kilian Perfumes, a challenge that he knew how to face. Kilian perfumes are independent, out of the ordinary. It is a perfect combination of luxury and elegance, without any compromises. Additionally, By Killian is proving to be a particularly prolific brand.

Like other perfume brands, Hennesy decided to contribute from the beginning for unisex perfumes, he wanted to break with the tradition that woody perfumes are for men and floral ones for women. In fact, 50% of his sales of one of his perfumes based on rum, nutmeg, patchouli and cedar, are of women. He defends that you have to have confidence to get away from perfumes for the general public and choose something different and unique.

Kilian perfume collection

Since he began his studies and the development of his professional career, his passion has always been pure and incandescent creation. His passion for perfumes never ends, so he frees his body and soul to develop his imagination to the maximum in the creation of new perfumes. Out of this enthusiasm for creativity, he decided to launch his own brand.

In just since the creation of this brand, 38 different fragrances have been developed based on five collections. The latest perfumes to hit the market have been inspired by the smell of liqueurs, something unusual. Being the perfect embodiment of the idea of niche perfumes. Additionally, to ensure even better development and more substantial resources, it should be noted that the By Killian brand was incorporated into the Estée Lauder group in February 2016.

Kilian perfumes, his most personal and special project, are a reference name in the world of exclusiveness and luxury. It is a unique and special brand, in its fragrances and in its packaging. Kilian wants to make his perfumes a customer experience rather than an olfactory note. In addition, all perfume containers are reusable and refillable so they can last a lifetime.

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