The latest trends in setting for this spring

Spring is almost here, so we tell you which are the most suitable aromas for this new season. In spring we opt more for floral and fresh aromas, which we find pleasant and remind us of nature. It must be said that each house has a characteristic aroma that is usually perceived and gives that personal touch to the home. The aromas have a great power to evoke memories and happy and pleasant moments of the past. And although that fragrance typical of the home is due to a combination of multiple elements, there are more and more products on the market that allow the different rooms of the house to smell good for longer.

To achieve an intense aroma, characteristic of our home and that is pleasant and welcoming, we can use different elements. We can achieve this through scented soap, candles, reed diffuser air fresheners for the home, or spray air fresheners to diffuse in every corner. Another element that helps us create the best aroma is the essential oils that are diffused through electric aroma diffusers. These manage to leave a very pleasant aroma in a short time.

Fragrances to give the ideal touch to your home

The sense of smell is very valuable and there are many things that we could not do without it. It has become clear to us after the pandemic, when many people lost it for a period of time. A specific aroma can evoke fantastic memories, situations that we hardly remember anymore and give us different sensations, for example, when we smell a perfume that reminds us of a special person. For this reason, at VismarEssence we want to give you some advice on which air freshener you can choose for your home to create spaces full of sensations and unique memories.

These are some of the examples of the fragrances that can best adapt to your home with this change of season. They are natural aromas that will leave a fresh, natural feeling with character in the home. Offer the consumer an offer adapted to each season, adapting to the new trends in setting.

Curiosities about air fresheners and the olfactory universe

Many studies have been carried out to find out the connection that exists between our mind and a certain smell. Perfumes and aromas have a lot of power over our minds, being able to influence our mood.

They are capable by themselves of generating different sensations in people, and each one of them has their own olfactory universe, their particular map of smells. There are olfactory notes that can provoke stimuli, provide relaxing, creative, inspiring, sensual, optimistic moments, but also rejection, annoyance or restlessness.

Hence the importance of surrounding ourselves with carefully selected fragrances, both in our home and in our workplace. The power of a fragrance is capable of turning a house into a home, our refuge of calm that makes us escape from the stress of everyday life.

Not all of us perceive aromas in the same way. Perfume is something very personal, each one perceives and interprets it in a different way, depending on the scale of each one's olfactory values. Therefore, depending on which aroma you choose, it can cause one sensation or another, so you have to choose an aroma for each room. For example, for the bedroom we must choose fragrances that invite rest and intimacy, that facilitate a restful sleep, when we take a bath the nuances should be relaxing; in the living room, sophisticated and warm notes will always be pleasant to share. With this we can create custom environments in our home.

The decoration also intervenes in the perception of a perfume, a well-chosen fragrance is capable of complementing and enhancing the decorative discourse of a room. In current environments with light and bright colors, it is better to opt for a sincere and refreshing fragrance; warmer interiors with rugs or patterned fabrics seem to ask for a slightly more intense and suggestive perfume; In rooms with a more austere and functional mood, such as spaces for work or study, it is better to choose an air freshener with soft notes so that its purifying effect works without hardly noticing it.

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