Offering your customers a final product like our spray air fresheners can be a positive point for the business. This type of home air fresheners can provide an essence immediately, leaving a very pleasant aroma throughout the room. Some of the advantages that you can communicate to the client of the use of spray air fresheners are:

  • When an air freshener manages to invade an entire room, it can bring well-being to spaces, favoring a relaxed climate and improving our state of mind.
  • The new spray air fresheners are characterized by having natural aromas, such as lavender ("Flor Noble" air freshener spray). Therefore, they can give a personal and original touch to the home. In addition, having different ranges of aromas in our product catalog gives us the opportunity to offer everything the customer is looking for.
  • They manage to eliminate overloaded environments. Having a fresh and clean aroma in the home makes the room in which we are perceived in a more positive way. Therefore, the use of spray air fresheners helps us achieve that desired environment.
  • The quality of the air fresheners and aromas we offer is crucial when it comes to repeat purchases by consumers. Therefore, the new spray air fresheners will make this happen. The quality of its fragrances is high.

Once we know all the advantages that we can show our customers with spray air fresheners, we tell you about the different fragrances available.

Fragrances of the different air fresheners dispenser

Once you know the different fragrances that we offer at VismarEssence with our spray air fresheners, we recommend that you include them in your offer. This type of air freshener is experiencing growth in sales, so, in addition to offering a unique product with an incredible design, you will offer what is currently most sought after.

Currently, the use of fragrances and spray air fresheners has become commonplace in all homes. Therefore, the market is expanding and offers consumers a wide range of possibilities. Therefore, from VismarEssence you will be able to cover this market segment with the best offers.

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