Identification labels on perfumes

When offering cosmetic or perfumery products in your business, you must bear in mind that their labeling must include the necessary information so that the customer can know, compare and choose the products responsibly. The information that appears on the label must guarantee transparency in consumer information.

It is not only important to offer a good design on the label, it is also necessary to offer one that is well made, both in appearance and in the information that it offers to the consumer. On the labels, the customer must find the brand, who made it, where, when, how it should be used, the ingredients, and the date of manufacture and expiration, as well as the precautions and how to store it. Labels must be visible and attached to the product. No matter what type of product you offer, the label is the cover letter that your offer will have and what your potential consumer will analyze.

Recommendations for correctly labeling products

From VismarEssence, we are going to tell you some keys to offer your customers the best labeled products, among which we highlight our bulk perfumes. In order for the labels to properly fulfill their function, apart from containing certain information, they must also:

  • Adapt correctly to the container, both in size and shape as well as in colour.
  • The material must be resistant so that it is not damaged from the moment the product leaves until it reaches the consumer.
  • You must include all information required by law.
  • The design must be original to capture the consumer's attention.
  • The information offered must be clear, precise, complete and true.
  • Avoid misspellings.
  • Including contact details can build trust with the customer.

Regulations on the labeling of equivalent perfumes and cosmetic products

The product labeling law prohibits any information that misleads or makes false claims. In addition, the information must be clear, legible and visible. Must include:

  • Product denomination
  • Name or trade name and address of the manufacturer.
  • The nominal content at the time of packaging. It must be indicated in weight or volume, except for those containers that have less than 5 gr or ml.
  • The minimum expiration date, that is, the date until which the product, stored in adequate conditions, continues to fulfill its initial function without harming health.
  • The expiration date will be indicated by the mention "preferably used before the end of..." or the PAO (Period After Opening) will be put, which indicates the term after the product is opened in which it is still safe.
  • The date must be clearly indicated, indicating the month and year. With the exception of those products whose minimum life is greater than 30 months. In these cases, the PAO will be indicated.
  • The particular precautions for using the product.
  • The manufacturing batch number or its reference. If for reasons of size it cannot be indicated on the product, it must appear on the packaging.
  • Country of origin if they are products manufactured outside the community territory.
  • The function of the product, except for those whose function is obvious.
  • The list of ingredients in descending order of importance. They will be expressed by their INCI denomination.

From VismarEssence we encourage you to offer the best products to your customers. Enter our website and discover the full variety of bulk perfumes and our glass bottles. In addition, we have different air fresheners sprays so that you can offer your consumers a wide range of products with their correct labelling.

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