Ideal fragrances for autumn. Find your ideal autumn perfume

With the arrival of autumn, not only does the weather change, but also our lifestyle habits change and we return to the same routine as before. We change our wardrobe, leaving behind the lighter and more refreshing clothes, and instead we take out the coats and the fluffy sweaters. The same goes for perfumes. To choose an autumn perfume we must think carefully about what type of fragrance we want to accompany us during the season that dyes the leaves. While in summer we tend to look for fresher fragrances with notes like lime, autumn makes us crave fragrances with more intense, heavy and sweet aromas that accentuate the essences. Aromas that give us a personal and unique touch and mix fruity, citrus and oriental notes.

Autumn is neither sadder nor happier than summer, it is simply different. This season of the year has a certain charm, the leaves of the trees fall leaving the streets covered in reddish, yellow and orange colors. The smell of humidity and wet earth after the rain is also something very characteristic of autumn. Therefore, it is best to complement with all this a good look and a good perfume, of which when we pass they leave a trail of smell that makes many wonder what kind of autumn perfume we use. Floral, spicy, woody scents, any of them complement great with this time of year.

A perfume not only makes us smell in a particular way, but it also defines our mood for the day. Normally we look for a scent that fits perfectly with us so that it gives us confidence in our day to day.

Times of the day to wear autumn perfumes

We must also take into account, not only that the perfumes have olfactory notes that are consistent with the time of year, but at what time or occasion of the day we will use a certain autumn perfume. Normally, we do not use the same perfume to go to work as to go out with friends or partner. The most present components in women's fragrances are floral notes and exotic spices. In autumn, lavender, jasmine or roses are a safe bet to hit the streets. For our day to day, fresher fragrances with citrus aromas are usually used. To go to work we bet more on sweet fragrances. And for a date or to go out for a drink we opted for warmer perfumes.

Tips for choosing the best autumn perfume

To choose the best autumn perfume we must bear in mind that for this new time of year a perfume is better compatible with woody, spicy notes or floral fragrances. It is the ideal time to try new perfumes with deeper aromas. For this reason, at Vismaressence we advise you some of the perfumes that are perfect to wear this fall and leave a fragrance that many will envy.

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