Give a perfume to your pet this Christmas

This Christmas do not leave your pet without his gift. For this reason, we recommend our pet perfumes to indulge them. The importance of smell in animals is very high since through it they communicate with the environment and detect any type of threat. Sometimes, the well-known "dog smell" can be annoying and efforts are made to eliminate it. Therefore, proper maintenance and cleaning of our pet will prevent the early appearance of that smell that we dislike. Therefore, questions arise:

Can you use a perfume on your pet?

Pets can also wear perfumes, but with their nuances. We cannot use any type of product and perfume, since they must be made with ingredients specifically for them. Otherwise, we could irritate your skin or damage your hair. Also, overusing any type of product is not healthy for them either. Here we tell you some advantages that the use of perfumes can have on your pet:

  • The positive thing about using a perfume for our pet is that it gives it a pleasant smell and is a good complement for bath time.
  • Increase the duration of the good smell by adding the right amount.
  • The duration of a perfume for pets is long since a few well distributed drops are enough.

What is most recommended is to use the perfume by pouring a few drops on a comb and brushing it along the spine, distributing the perfume proportionally and evenly. A perfume for pets is ideal when it is made with ingredients especially for them. In addition, delicate areas such as the face, belly or legs should always be avoided, so that it cannot be licked and thus its duration will be longer. If you use an adequate amount this will not affect the interaction with other dogs, so you can use it without problem.

We recommend you use the perfume for dogs when your pet is clean, since if it could not mix the body odor of your dog with that of the colony causing an unwanted odor.

Our pet perfume recommendations

As we have said, this Christmas you can also indulge your pet since after all, it is one more member of the family. Therefore, from VismarEssence, here are some of our ideal pet perfumes for this Christmas:

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