Floral and fruity perfumes, your best ally for spring

The change of season is not only reflected in the wardrobe, but also in the perfume we wear. A different and fresh aroma is necessary. Good weather arrives with a spontaneous statement of freshness and fun, citrus, floral and fruit essences are presented in the range of summer fragrance options. The division by olfactory families allows you to classify the aromas according to their characteristics. You can find citrus, woody, fougère, chypre and oriental perfumes. The options are numerous, but floral perfumes take the finishing touch as they form a very large olfactory family thanks to the research carried out.

Although the new trends propose to organize the aromas by personal tastes without distinction of sex. As is the case with the unisex perfumes that you can find at VismarEssence, floral perfumes are considered feminine par excellence. Experts in the field subdivide this family into more specific groups that in turn share some properties and are called: green, aqueous, fruity, white flower, floral, aldehydic, spicy and oriental.

The ingredients that can contain this type of fragrance are very wide. You can find perfumes of magnolia, lavender, patchouli, vanilla, coconut, damascena or rosemary. But within the world of perfumery, rose and jasmine stand out in the category. Its aromas are unique and very characteristic, giving results of a very high quality. They turn perfumes into something enveloping and delicate, as well as intoxicating aromas that will catch you from the first moment. Ready to discover suitable floral options for spring?

Once we have recommended some of our floral perfumes to offer to your customers this spring, we are going to tell you about some of the benefits of using perfume.

Benefits of using perfumes

Something as everyday as the use of perfume can bring us benefits. Putting on a few drops of our favorite perfume can lift our spirits for the rest of the day. It even changes our attitude to cope with the stress of the day. This is thanks to the effects that fragrances have on our brain. At VismarEssence, as manufacturers of bulk perfumes, we want to tell you about some of the benefits of using perfume on a daily basis:

  • Increases self-confidence and gives security.
  • Improves mood and makes one more positive.
  • It has relaxing and calming properties helping to eliminate stress.
  • Improves relationships with others because it increases self-esteem.
  • It makes each person unique, since each scent is different.
  • Comforts emotionally and sentimentally, since, for example, in the face of a loss, the perfume can make one remember the person who is not there and comforts by feeling closer.
  • Makes you feel more attractive and can attract others.
  • Projects the personality and way of being of each one.
  • Provides benefits according to the properties of each essential oil.

Smell is the sense that is most closely related to our emotions. It can evoke memories and moments that make us improve our mood. Each aroma is perceived differently by each person. For this reason, at VismarEssence we have an extensive catalog of bulk perfumes so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and help you improve your mood.

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