Find out all the advantages of using natural soaps

Natural soaps have multiple advantages, they are more respectful with our skin, so they do not irritate it and respect the environment. Traditional cosmetics contain some components that are harmful to health. This type of soaps are cheaper because they contain products that irritate and affect the skin, and can cause many allergic and very unpleasant reactions. Natural soaps hardly lather, but this is because they are made with all-natural ingredients.

Advantages of using natural soaps:

  • They are made with natural and ecological ingredients, such as vegetable oils, botanical extracts and essential oils to take better advantage of the properties of plants and help treat and improve skin problems. In addition, they do not contain preservatives or synthetic aromas, the color they have is that of the plants.
  • They are composed of a multitude of vitamins that help to improve the skin, since the ingredients with which they are made guarantee that the soaps maintain their properties and thus can provide our skin with all the benefits of the essential oils of the materials with which they are used. are made.
  • They are multifunctional, that is, in addition to leaving us wonderful skin, we can use them as a facial or body cleanser as they are formulated without toxic chemicals, due to the large amount of oils they are made of and their balanced pH.
  • Normally, natural soaps are vegan since they are made from ingredients of plant origin and without testing on animals.
  • They respect the environment, being a biodegradable product that does not contain toxic or chemical ingredients.
  • Natural soaps, as they are made with essential oils that come from plants, give off soft and very pleasant aromas. Each of the soaps combines different types of ingredients and plants, resulting in an amazing blend of fragrances.
  • They cleanse and take care of the skin, since they remove daily dirt, such as makeup or impurities that clog pores, so the use of these natural soaps helps fight the pimples that can arise from this dirt.

Taking advantage of the fact that September is the month of sage, in VismarEssence we want to show one of our natural soaps that contains sage, ideal for taking advantage of all these properties of natural soaps, in addition to the properties of sage.

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