Discover the New Lines of Home Fragrance Sticks, Reed Diffusers, and Exclusive Perfumes Vismar Essence

We present two new lines: Home fragrance sticks and Vismaressence personal fragrances. With them, you will be able to create, through the magic of aromas, a unique atmosphere that will play a fundamental role in creating memories and experiences, both in your home and at your own pace.

Home fragrance sticks: Scented Elegance for the Home

Home fragrance are perfect to turn every room into a space of well-being and comfort. At Vismar Essence, not only do we offer you exquisite personal fragrances, but we also give you the opportunity to bring this sense of luxury into your own home. Discover how our Home fragrance sticks and Vismar Essence perfume line can turn your home into an oasis of fragrance and sophistication.

These Reed diffusers, known as Mikados, are an elegant and subtle way to scent your home, taking fragrance excellence to the next level with our exclusive range of air fresheners. These products have become a must-have for those who want to enjoy a unique sensory experience in every room of their home.

Reed diffusers come in uniquely designed bottles that not only contain an exquisite fragrance formulated with high quality essential oils, but also add a decorative touch to your space. Choosing the right fragrance can influence the mood and emotions of those who experience it, which is why we have launched a variety of fragrances in Mikado home scents to suit the most discerning tastes of which we are going to show you the best sellers:

Home fragrance sticks - Vismar La Vida es Bella

Sweet and fruity Reed diffuser fragrance will energise every corner of your home.

Home fragrance sticks - Vismar Hamman

Reed diffuser with a hammam type fragrance, inspired by body wellness, will transform your home into a space of peace and balance in any occasion.

Reed diffuser - Vismar Lavender

Mikado home scents with lavender fragrance is ideal for your home, creating a relaxing and enveloping atmosphere that infuses peace and serenity into the air.

Home fragrance sticks - Vismar Red Fruits

Reed diffuser with red fruits fragrance is ideal for your home, a sweet and refreshing scent that will energise your space and is also a perfect decorative complement.


Vismar Essence line of Perfumes for men and women: Personal Elegance

Not only is the fragrance of your home important to create a welcoming and elegant ambience, so is your own personal scent. Each fragrance in the Vismar Essence Perfumes line for women and men is an expression of elegance and sophistication.

For Women: Fragrances that Make an Impression

Our women's fragrance line offers a variety of fragrances that reflect each woman's personality and style. From fresh, floral fragrances to warmer, more sensual scents, you'll find the perfect choice for every occasion. Our perfumes are formulated with high quality ingredients that guarantee exceptional longevity on the skin.

For Men: The Elegance of Power

Contemporary men are looking for fragrances that reflect their confidence and assertive character. Our men's fragrance line offers a range of fragrances that express elegance and confidence. From citrusy and fresh fragrances to woody and sensual scents, men will find the perfect choice to highlight their personal style.

At Vismar Essence, we believe in the magic of fragrance to both transform your home into a special place and enhance your personal style. Whether through our Home fragrance sticks or our perfumes, both are the result of years of experience in the world of perfumery and a passion for creating unique sensory experiences.

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