How does the Gourmand olfactory family use olfactory marketing? We tell you

Perfume classifications emerged at the end of the 20th century when the perfume industry felt the need to classify perfumes with similar structure and characteristics. Currently, there is not a classification accepted by all since each person perceives odors in a different way. Also, some fragrances do not have a clearly defined line. Others have scent note blends that could fit into more than one family at the same time. In this article we are going to talk specifically about the Gourmand olfactory family. We tell you more about this exclusive olfactory family.

The common notes of this type of perfume are vanilla, caramel, chocolate, cotton candy, coffee, cognac, almonds and gum. For this reason, these olfactory notes usually bring us good memories of childhood or evoke those most delicious desserts.

Marketing and the Gourmand olfactory family

Olfactory marketing is responsible for developing fragrances with which to attract the attention of customers. These aromas are usually original, as well as pleasant for everyone who perceives it. In the case of the aromas of the Gourmand olfactory family, they are infallible and widely accepted among the public. Using a type of scent in marketing means that when the customer perceives this particular fragrance, they immediately think of your brand or company. A most effective strategy to position your products in the mind of the consumer.

The use of different scents is not limited to a single space or activity. Gourmand scents are widely used in grocery stores, shopping malls, and even fashion stores. Thanks to the work of scent professionals, new essences are created for different activities. After a meticulous choice, advanced means are used to bring that smell to every corner of a place. Even in the largest spaces, there are tools that can be connected to the ventilation system to convey those scents.

Gourmand scents can achieve different effects depending on who perceives them. If it is used in a food place it can cause an appetite to open. But it is not only used in food, it can also be used in other fields such as fashion or even in offices.

As we know, smells often have an impact on our mood. They affect feelings and are closely related to memory. A familiar scent, and all gourmand are, will evoke happy memories. The good times will return to the mind of those who perceive them, a powerful tool that can generate confidence and a pleasant feeling that invites them to buy and to put trust in the products.

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