Discover the use of vanilla in perfumery

The use of vanilla in perfume companies is widespread. This type of aroma can provide some very beneficial properties. In the early 1990s, perfumery professionals began to introduce vanilla as a significant note in their fragrances. Today, vanilla is one of the star ingredients in a large number of perfumes.

Normally, the stimulation of our senses can evoke different memories. Visual stimuli usually elicit more reactions, but responses to olfactory stimuli are much more emotional. The scent of vanilla takes us back to pleasant childhood memories. Memories associated with vanilla are usually positive and sweet.

What meaning does vanilla have in the scent notes of perfumes?

Vanilla is associated with warmth and softness, in addition, it has hints of purity and simplicity in art. However, there is strong evidence that the popularity of vanilla fragrances could last longer. The scent of vanilla has been shown to have positive and beneficial effects that have nothing to do with current fashions, changing values, or even childhood memories.

The vanilla scent tends to create a calmer atmosphere. Some studies suggest that vanilla scent tends to reduce stress and anxiety. However, similar effects have been found in lavender fragrances of the floral type, which is also relaxing and calming, which is why the market today takes these extracts into account to create notes that are pleasant to the smell of everyone, both of whom a vanilla fragrance like someone who uses others with the same effects.

Benefits of vanilla aroma

The smell of vanilla has a soft and comforting touch, in addition to that delicious sweet touch that we associate with sweets and desserts. For this reason, many products use this type of flavor and aroma. It has abundant benefits among which we highlight:

  • Has calming effects softening the atmosphere of tension at any time and place.
  • Has a soothing effect revitalizing the body.
  • Its delicious aroma helps relieve depression and sadness.
  • Relax and surprise in a very pleasant way.

In VismarEssence you can find a wide variety of products that contain this olfactory note. From bulk perfumes to scents for air fresheners. Do not hesitate to enjoy our fragrances.

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