Discover the variety of jars for mikados to preserve the best aroma

At VismarEssence we offer different types of Reed Diffuser Fragances to preserve the different air fresheners in the most appropriate way. These jars contain rattan rods of natural wood and black color, you can choose according to your preferences and tastes. These jars can be filled with your favorite air freshener, choosing from the different varieties of scents that we offer in bulk.

These Reed Diffuser Fragances are made of glass, a material that makes the aroma last much better and for longer. In addition, thanks to its natural rattan rods, the aroma is gradually and naturally sprayed. In addition, to complete the batch, the shutter to close the bottle and the bottle cap is also included to make your air freshener look its best.

And you will ask yourself, how can the jar be refilled? It is very simple, you just have to dump the bottle directly over the bottle or through a small funnel so as not to waste any of the content. The rods to preserve the aroma and is always intense you can turn them once a week. Although if you like the more intense smell you can still turn it as many times as you want until you get the desired effect.

In VismarEssence you can find several types of Reed Diffuser Fragances, choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes. In addition, their designs allow you to incorporate them into your home in an elegant way and without breaking the harmony in your decoration. Know the details of these jars below:

  • Box of bottles for Round reed diffuser fragances Air Freshener: this box contains 60 units. This bottle for mikado is made of glass, its shape is round and it includes the metal ring that is put on the bottle by means of a thread, it is 100ml. As it is a smooth bottle, it is ideal to include your silkscreened logo and turn it into your brand image. The bottle is transparent in color, with a height of 7.41cm, a width of 6.59cm and the weight is 183.55gr.
  • Box of bottles for Rustic reed diffuser fragances Air Freshener: the box of bottles contains 48 units. This bottle has a special rectangular shape with curved upper edges; the ring it includes is made of wood and is 100ml. Since this bottle is smooth, you can include your silkscreened logo and turn it into your brand image. Its color is transparent, with a height of 10.23cm, a width of 4.81cm and the weight is 150.12gr.
  • Square reed diffuser fragances Air Freshener bottle box with black rods: the box contains 48 units. Its capacity is 100ml. This bottle, as it has black rods, you can include it in your decoration and give it an elegant touch. As its bottle is smooth, you can include your logo silk-screened. It is transparent in color, with a height of 7.86 cm; a width of 5.68cm and a weight of 206.63gr.
  • Square reed diffuser fragances air freshener bottle box: it has a capacity of 50ml. The box contains 108 units.

These jars have included rods and shutter. Vismaressence refillable mikado air freshener jars are the best way to preserve mikado air freshener.

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