Create original perfume bottles with screen printing

Differentiation is essential when standing out from the competition. For this reason, offering an exclusive line of products in our business is very important to gain that niche in the market that makes us unique. This is where screen printing comes into play. A first impression is always important, and on many occasions the client enters it through the eyes. For this reason, the packaging in which we offer our private label perfumes is as important as the product itself. Screen printing on glass perfume bottles is a technique that gives us the possibility of decorating them in a personalized way, being more durable over time than a label.

This is the differential value of printing your bottles, offering your customers a different and exclusive presentation or customizing your brand. You turn your jars into unique items that are of higher quality since screen printing is more resistant. For this reason, at VismarEssence we offer you the possibility of screen-printing our glass jars so that you can get a personalized offer. Choose those bottles for bulk perfumes that best suit what you want to offer, in 100ml, 50ml or 30ml format. You can screen print your glass bottles for perfumes from 100 units.

The screen printing process step by step

It all starts with a design of what we want to screen print, be it our logo or a specific image. This design is transferred to the screen printing machine through a solarization process. It is screen printed directly on the piece. This process makes costs cheaper as it is automated mechanically. Once the printing is done, the pieces are baked in industrial ovens at a high temperature (580º in glass), so that the special inks vitrify and acquire their final color, brightness and resistance.

Advantages of screen printing on our glass bottles for equivalence perfumes

  • Screen printing allows us to customize the surface of our bottles
  • The result of a screen-printed bottle is more elegant than putting a label on it, so we can create even more exclusive lines.
  • You will be able to stand out from your competition in an increasingly saturated market. Therefore, if you achieve that point of differentiation, you will be able to break through in the market. All our glass jars can be screen printed.

In short, at VismarEssence we want to make things easier for you. You can get a complete product offer with our glass jars and our bulk perfumes. In addition, you can screen print your bottles with your logo. Get greater exclusivity in what you offer your customers.

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