Boost your business with olfactory marketing

The sense of smell is not rational, therefore, it helps to bring out sensory experiences and connect the consumer with our business. Through aromas, we can achieve different positive sensations in consumer behavior, achieving results depending on the type of business we have. Reproductive aromas come into play here, if you have a product with a characteristic aroma, it is about enhancing it with aromatizers. With this you will attract customers who pass near your premises, and also, you will influence their purchase decision.

We already know some types of businesses that have a characteristic smell, just perceiving it makes us feel comfortable and wanting to stay. This is not something casual. These are companies that work with the well-known “olfactory logo”, a sign of identity in the form of a fragrance that makes us associate that smell with that particular business. This is because 75% of the sensations that affect people come through smell, generating anchors and memories to position ourselves in the best way in the mind of the consumer. At VismarEssence we want to help you achieve this position with our spray air fresheners or reed diffusers for your business that you can find on our website.

In short, olfactory marketing tries to use a specific aroma in a business environment in order to arouse emotions and influence consumer behavior. And not only in the client, it is also important to influence the mood of the workers so that it is as positive as possible.

How can we apply olfactory marketing?

To apply olfactory marketing within your business, you have to take into account some aspects to obtain the best results:

  • We must set the objectives that we want to achieve with the smell in our company, as well as the feelings that we want to awaken.
  • Make the olfactory experience something unique that connects with your consumers, for this, differentiation is important.
  • Previously study the market to offer the aroma that best suits your business and the environment.
  • Use scent marketing as part of your strategy, not just as a tool to increase sales.
  • Pay attention to details, if people are not satisfied with your product or service, they will associate that aroma with a bad experience.

Olfactory neuromarketing, as part of sensory marketing, will help you associate your brand or product with a smell, and will also create new experiences with customers.

Benefits of using olfactory marketing for the productivity of your business

Scents can help improve a company's productivity level, according to some studies, as they make people feel more comfortable and relaxed. Some of these benefits are:

  • Strengthens brand positioning.
  • Increases productivity up to 14%.
  • Improves performance, concentration and moods.
  • Decrease errors made in the performance of work.

The different aromas can be diffused through Essental Oil Diffuser so that they reach the entire establishment. Another option is the use of reed diffusers that spread the aromas progressively. Choose the option that best suits you to create unique sensations and results in consumers, positioning yourself in their minds in a positive way.

How should your business smell?

Smells influence mood, attitude, and temperament. Therefore, choosing according to what type of aroma is an important decision. With this you can strengthen the brand identity with your customers and influence their behavior. You must base yourself on the profile of the user you want to attract to choose the most appropriate:

  • Citrus: For those looking to create an uplifting scent in the business. Some examples are lemon or orange.
  • Floral: this type of aroma is sweeter and more sophisticated, for those businesses that seek to offer the exclusive.
  • Fruit trees: for those looking to give their business a youthful and cheerful touch.

Once you know the different aromas that you can use to carry out olfactory marketing in your business, you have to focus on what you are looking to project or the target audience you want to reach. All this will help you select the aroma that best suits your business, obtaining the best results.

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