Atmosphere: the best aromas to set your home at Christmas

The aromas leave a mark on our memory that is difficult to forget. On many occasions, an aroma transports you back in time, even though years have passed since you smelled that aroma and it even brings us feelings of nostalgia when remembering it. As we have already said, aromas mark: the smell of the food that your grandmother made when you were little, the aromas that she used in the setting of her home, the clean sheets that your mother put on your bed.

This year we are spending more time than ever at home, and this Christmas is no exception. Social gatherings have been reduced to our close circle and to our homes, therefore, this year more than ever you have to choose the best air freshener for your home, so that this Christmas is key in the memory of your guests.

The Christmas setting

Choosing a good Christmas aroma will allow us to create a unique experience, and many people will think that for Christmas it is enough to use the same air freshener as always, but let's not lie to ourselves, Christmas smells different.

Tradition, family and home warmth, that's how I would say what Christmas smells like.

The truth is that there are certain ingredients that will make an air freshener smell like Christmas, giving it that traditional and homey touch, and if we know how to combine them, we will get that perfect air freshener for the holidays.

Christmas scents

When we buy an air freshener, on many occasions it happens that we only look at its aroma and leave aside those little notes or touches that can make a difference. For example: to an air freshener that we have at home, if we add a specific note, it can completely change its perfume and get it to create that Christmas atmosphere that we are looking for so much.

But what are those mysterious notes? I show you!

  • Cinnamon: I think we all agree that Cinnamon is one of the air fresheners that shines the brightest and is used the most in the cold months of winter and Christmas. Its warm aroma will bring that homely warmth that you are looking for so much, and that will also transport you to those Christmas meal desserts that we love so much. In addition, if you choose a cinnamon mikado air freshener, you will also decorate your house with its beautiful designs.
  • Orange: Citrus, both when we talk about the fruit and the aroma, is a safe bet in the winter months. Orange air fresheners have that acid touch that turns their sweetness into freshness. A touch that will awaken the senses of all your guests, and if we combine it with cinnamon, like our orange and cinnamon air freshener, you will succeed 100%.
  • Cedar: Cedar was until recently the quintessential wood for creating home furniture, which is why using perfumes or setting with this note will bring that special Christmas touch. Although we are talking about cedar in particular, the truth is that all woody aromas bring that feeling of warmth.
  • Vanilla: This main ingredient in Christmas desserts is also the protagonist of the aromas of setting for these dates. This aroma brings tenderness, sweetness and a relaxed atmosphere to our home. Although many people think that these aromas are too sweet for air fresheners, but I assure you that if you know how to choose a good vanilla air freshener, you will discover that it is perfect to have in your home even the rest of the year.

Now that you know the Christmas aromas, tell us, which is your favorite? At Vismaressence we have a wide variety of air fresheners among which you can find the cinnamon and orange air freshener, the vanilla air freshener and the cinnamon air freshener.

May Christmas also be noticed in your air freshener! Access our website and discover them.

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