Aroma of Valentine's Day

Aroma of Valentine's Day, aroma of romanticism, February 14th has arrived, the most romantic day of the year, a date that leaves no one indifferent, undoubtedly a good occasion to give yourself a wonderful fragrance or to give it to that special person and give free rein to passion and love. At VismarEssence we have what you need.


How to choose the best fragrance?


In our subconscious we relate scents to people, memories, situations, experiences and sensations. Surely you remember your first perfume, the one you used when you fell in love for the first time, the one you used to go to school or university and a multitude of great moments that made them essential complements of your life.

The scent of roses, chocolate and vanilla are the emblem of love, but as a true perfume addict, I will tell you that there is nothing like discovering new fragrances that make you feel special, make you fall in love, evoke moments lived and make you go crazy until you discover that there is nothing like having a scent for every moment and even every time of the year, that fills you with great sensations.

For everyone, and whatever your preferences, we are sure that you will find in this selection a reason to indulge yourself and renew your fragrance with aroma of happiness and well-being.

·        Discover the unisex Vismaressence VF6001 perfume, a fantastic fragrance that pays homage to the lands of the Caucasus, a land of contrasts, of strength, a varied culture with intoxicating and mysterious power. This spectacular creation of red stone with voluptuous tuberose, lush sweet notes and fascinating floral notes make it a creamy, sensual and addictive fragrance.


·        The one that bewitches you with its lingering trail of soft vanilla and woody notes with delicate hints of musk and leather make Vismaressence VF7001 unisex perfume, a sensual, energetic, witty and vibrant fragrance, a classic yet modernised scent.


·        The fragrance that will lead you to addiction, a woody oriental contrast in a perfume, a masculine scent full of elegance, Vismaressence 2005 is what you need, a scent in harmony with tonka bean, sage and vetiver make this a surprising, captivating and sparkling fragrance.


·        If you want to be filled with good energy, don't miss Vismaressence VF6065, a sweet fragrance with notes of red and black berries lightened by a subtle and luminous woody accord. This exquisite, creative, full of life scent will make you feel optimistic, energetic, adventurous and determined.


But don't forget to follow these tips to use the perfume properly and get the best results, we show you how to perfume yourself well:

- Spray yourself with a small touch on the warm spots of your body. Warm spots, such as behind the ears, on each wrist without rubbing them and on the neck, are the best places to apply the perfume, as the warmth helps to release the scent. After a few seconds you will notice how the olfactory notes settle.

- The first scent you will notice are the top notes, wait for the scent to evolve until you feel the rest of the notes.

- It is very important to know your skin type in order to choose a good perfume that suits your skin, whether it is dry, combination or oily.

- If you already wear perfume, don't contaminate it with other scents. If you feel like trying new fragrances, do it with the help of the scent strips that usually come with the sample bottles from the perfumers.

- Beware of mixing very intense scents, it is better to try neutral and fresh scents as the aromas can change a lot on the skin. Try it well before you buy it.


Don't miss the opportunity to buy your special perfume and go to our online shop, when you try our variety, you won't be satisfied with just one, you will want to get all our perfumes for the 14th of February... Happy Valentine's Day!

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