7 benefits of artisan soaps

Handmade soaps have numerous properties for your skin, as well as being beneficial for the environment. In this article we will explain what artisan soaps are and what benefits they bring to your skin.

What are artisan soaps? A handmade soap is one that is handmade and cold saponified, they can be made with natural or organic ingredients.

7 benefits of artisan soaps

They are made with organic and natural ingredients, botanical extracts, essential oils and vegetable butters to treat skin problems. They also do not contain preservatives, dyes or synthetic aromas, so its aroma is provided by the plants with which it is made.

  1. They contain numerous vitamins that help your skin. The soaps maintain all their properties thanks to cold saponification, so the soaps provide all the therapeutic virtues of essential oils and butters since they have not been subjected to heat.
  2. They have many functions, we can use them as facial or body cleansers, since they do not have toxic chemicals due to their balanced pH. These soaps do not dry out your skin but it is recommended after cleansing to moisturize the skin with a facial cream or serum.
  3. The artisan soaps are suitable for vegans, since they are not tested on animals and contain ingredients of plant origin.
  4. They are environmentally friendly, do not contain toxic or chemical ingredients, and are also biodegradable.
  5. They contain essential oils, they are essences that are extracted by distillation from plants and contain many active ingredients. These oils give soaps an intense floral aroma and therapeutic properties that help heal skin problems.
  6. They clean your skin and take care of it. It is very important to choose the correct soap for your skin type and take advantage of the benefits that its ingredients bring to our skin.
  7. By cleaning our skin, we remove the fat that is produced on the skin daily, impurities and makeup, so pores are eliminated, which helps us avoid the appearance of pimples, skin aging, etc.

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