Tap for glass bottle

Tap for glass bottle

Tap for perfume bottles

These bottle taps are suitable for use with perfume bottles. They will add a rustic and original design to your perfume bottles.

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Vismaressence - Bulk perfume manufacturer

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Tap for perfume bottles

Perfect for perfume shops. They have the design of a butterfly Motif Tap.

Why should I have bulk perfume bottles in my store?

They are somewhat larger than normal bottles. Normally, they can contain half a liter or a liter of product, making it a fantastic fragrance display.

Many stores have this type of bottle to show the perfume to the client, giving them the opportunity to see its color, its purity, its message in order to imagine how the fragrance smells. Next to it, you can leave a smaller container which will serve as a "Tester" for any customer who wants to try it.

If someone decides to buy a fragrance; you will be able to fill the perfume bottle in front of him, something which is different and very nice to watch.

Vismaressence - Bulk perfume manufacturer

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