Box of refillable perfume bottles...

Box of refillable perfume bottles REDONDO 30ml

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Box of refillable perfume bottles REDONDO 30ml

Box of refillable perfume bottles REDONDO 30ml. These bottles are perfect to ensure that our perfumes keep their aroma and do not lose their notes, since they are made of glass, one of the best materials to protect the perfume from the outside.

Enjoy these pefume bottles over and over again, they are refillable! You can fill them with our bulk perfums.

Unlike the loose perfume bottles, the bottle boxes do NOT have the spray

To learn more about our perfumes visit the following perfume blog

Each box contains 176 perfume bottles

Perfumes Manufacturer - Vismaressence


Box of refillable perfume bottles REDONDO 30 ml

More information abour refillable perfume Bottles REDONDO 30ml:

  • the bottle boxes do NOT have the spray
  • You can include your logo screen printed Screw cap
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: transparent
  • Height: 9,27 cm
  • Width / diameter: 3,28 cm
  • Bottle weight: 76,93 gr

Frequent questions:

How do I fill the bottle?

You can fill the bottle by carefully pouring the perfume directly into the bottle, or you can help yourself with a small funnel that will make the process even easier.

In this video we explain how to fill our perfume bottles.

How can I buy perfume bottles?

These bottles can be found on our website, they are sold by boxes or by units.

How is the range of Vismaressence’s perfume bottles?

On our website you can find different types of perfume bottles and different sizes that will certainly fit your needs.

We also have smaller perfume sample vials, perfect for shops.

Almost all the bottles on our website are made of glass, but you can also find some models made of plastic.

Is there a minimum order?

No, we do not have a minimum order quantity on the web.

Can I customize my perfume bottles?

Yes, at Vismaressence we offer the possibility to screen-print the bottles with your brand's logo (500 units minimum), for more information write to

All the bottles available on our website can be screen printed

Perfumes Manufacturer - Vismaressence

30 ml
Units Box
176 uds
9,27 cm
Width / Diameter
3,28 cm
76,93 cm
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