Reed Diffuser - Parisian Garden
Reed Diffuser - Parisian Garden
Reed Diffuser - Parisian Garden
Reed Diffuser - Parisian Garden
Reed Diffuser - Parisian Garden
Reed Diffuser - Parisian Garden

Reed Diffuser - Parisian Garden

Reed diffuser - Parisian Garden

Fill your home with positive energy with our reed diffuser Parisian Garden. This reed diffuser is perfect for those who are looking for a different fragrance for their home, breaking with the classic scents of air fresheners.

The reed diffuser parisian garden has the essence of rose, lavender and jasmine, flowers that provide warmth and relaxation and evoke us to travel to the beautiful streets of the city of Paris.

Our reed diffusers are the best way to keep your home scented in the most natural way.

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Reed Diffuser - Parisian Garden


  • Capacity: 95ml
  • Aroma: rose, lavender and jasmine
  • The box includes the rattan sticks and the reed diffuser bottle
  • Does not use electricity
  • Its aroma diffusion is natural
  • The absorption of the rattan rods manages to distribute the aroma so that the smell reaches any corner of the home
  • Compatible with other air fresheners, such as scented candles
  • They are an excellent element of decoration
  • Its aroma has a long duration

If you prefer to intensify the aroma, you simply have to turn the rods and leave out the part that was submerged.


  • Do not apply to the skin as it can cause irritation
  • Do not eat
  • Do not apply to eyes, mouth and other sensitive parts of the body
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Flammable. Keep away from sources of heat, sparks, hot surfaces, flames and any other source of ignition
  • In contact with the eyes, wash with plenty of water for a few minutes
  • In case of accident, consult the Medical Toxicological Information Service

Perfumes Manufacturer - Vismaressence

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